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Mark Wahlberg admits he still listens to voicemails that his mum sent him before she died

Mark Wahlberg admits he still listens to voicemails that his mum sent him before she died

The Ted actor revealed that the messages are the only thing he has of his late mother, Alma Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he still listens to voicemails sent to him by his late mother.

It’s been just over two years since the 51-year-old’s mum passed away, with The Departed actor admitting that the recordings are 'all he has left' of her.

Alma Wahlberg passed away in April 2021, aged 78, leaving behind the Ted actor and New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg, as well as their seven other siblings.

Members of the family, including Mark, Donnie and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, took to social media to pay tribute to her, with Mark posting a photo of his mum alongside the caption: "My angel. Rest in peace."

Mark Wahlberg admitted that he regularly listens to the messages from his late mother.
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Prior to her passing, Donnie revealed that his mother had been suffering from dementia, saying that she was often ‘confused’.

He told fans on Instagram in 2020: "During my visit, she didn’t remember much and was often confused, but somehow she was still Alma."

Alma had dedicated her life to supporting her large family - working as both a bank clerk and nurse’s aid during their early lives.

It was all worthwhile, however, as she would eventually see Mark would become a BAFTA award-winning actor and Donnie a successful TV producer, who launched his own reality series about the family’s burger restaurant chain.

Alma even became star in her own right thanks to the Wahlburgers series, during which she appeared as a waiter and greeter at one of the restaurants.

Alma worked in the famous Wahlburgers chain.
Barry King / Alamy Stock Photo

Reflecting on her passing, Mark called his mum ‘an inspiration’ and revealed that he still listened to voicemails she’d left him.

The actor admitted that he listened to the messages regularly to help keep her memory alive.

"She touched everybody that she met," he told Today last year, adding: "She was truly an inspiration. All I have now is the recordings and the voicemails that she left me, and I listen to them quite often."

Mark also encouraged others to speak with their loved ones daily whilst they were still alive.

"I remind them to call them every day," he said, adding: "Tell them how much you love them, and be there and connect with them as much as possible."

Mark recently made the choice to move his family to Nevada and revealed that he wanted to give his children a better chance to pursue 'their goals and dreams'.

He told Fox News: "It's really giving the kids a chance to thrive. It just has the best of both worlds.”

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Barry King / Alamy Stock Photo

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