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Love Island star has lost four family members in just three weeks

Love Island star has lost four family members in just three weeks

The reality television star has suffered some devastating losses in less than a month

One Love Island star has tragically lost four family members in less than a month.

Marcel Sommerville revealed to his fans that he is mourning the deaths of four family members, who all passed away within three weeks of each other.

The 36-year-old former contestant took to Instagram to share with his fans exactly how he was feeling about the devastating situation.

Marcel took to Instagram to share the news to his fans.

After a fairly quiet period on the social media platform, the rapper explained to fans just what he's been dealing with over the past few weeks.

He began the post by telling his 606,000 followers that he was sending them 'all the positive energy' he has.

"I’ve been really quiet on here recently," he said.

"This year has had so many highs and lows and it’s only February.

"I’ve lost four family members in three weeks and it’s really slapped me in the face. Life is short, you never know what’s around the corner," he went on.

Marcel took the opportunity to offer some advice to fans, telling them to fill their lives with 'love and adventure'.

He added: "Do the things that make you happy and enjoy every moment you can with the ones you love."

Marcel was on Love Island.

The TV star concluded: "Exclude all the negativity from your life and live for the people that bring positivity to your world."

And fans were quick to send their condolences to Marcel.

One Instagram user commented: "I'm so sorry Marcel. Sending all the love to you and your beautiful family."

"All the best Marcel," a second added, "your resiliency will pave the way and inspire others around you I’m sure."

Another follower said: "Sending back positive vibes your way bro."

While someone else said: "Sorry for your losses. I know exactly how you feel I lost a family member in January."

Marcel with his wife Rebecca Vieira and their son, Roman.

Marcel first entered the public eye as part of the British boyband, Blazin' Squad.

However, the rapper was launched even further into fame back in 2017, after appearing on an early series of the hit ITV dating show Love Island.

Marcel came fourth with partner at the time, Gabby Allen, who he ended up staying with for almost a year after the show came to an end.

However, he is now happily married to social media influencer, Rebecca Vieira, and the pair share a two-year-old son, Roman.

Featured Image Credit: marcel_rockyb/Instagram

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