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Love Island’s Davide is the first boyfriend Ekin-Su's mum has approved of

Love Island’s Davide is the first boyfriend Ekin-Su's mum has approved of

Davide got the seal of approval from Ekin-Su's mum

Love Island's Davide Sanclimenti has officially become the first man to get the seal of approval from Ekin-Su Culculoglu's mum - so there's no way he's leaving now!

Despite all of their fights and fallouts in the villa, these two really made things work in the outside world and both have already charmed each other's parents.

Now, the Love Island champions are back from visiting each other's home countries, Italy and Turkey, for a brand new ITV special and, if Ekin's mum has anything to do with it, they have a long loved-up road ahead of them.

Davide is the first man that Ekin-Su's mum has ever approved of.

During the couple's extended holiday, Ekin and Davide headed to Istanbul before she brought him along on an eight-hour road-trip to meet her family. And it sounds like this Turkish adventure couldn't have gone better!

“My family loved him so much", Ekin-Su raved.

"Like, my mum has never approved of any boyfriend until now. She said that he's a lovely guy. Because my mum, she can see through people."

No pressure there, Davide!

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su completely and utterly charmed Davide's family after their visit to his hometown of Frosinone, Italy.

Ekin-Su and Davide are more loved up than ever.

"I really felt like a part of the family and I actually miss them already," Ekin shared. "I want to go back. They're very, very lovely people."

In fact, Ekin bonded so well with Davide's mum that she's learned how to make his favourite Italian dish from scratch.

"My favourite dish is gnocchi, so my mom always makes it for my birthday on the first of January", Davide explained.

"Because I'm gonna be in England, far from my mum, Ekin can make it for my birthday this year. Mama said that Ekin is a very good cook."

Who would have guessed that these two would end up being the cutest couple from the series?

Let's hope the couple continue to go from strength to strength!

And if you thought that was adorable, wait 'til you hear this: Ekin-Su and Davide have already agreed on where they'd like to retire together - a decision they both came to after their multi-national trip.

"I think if I was older and retired, had kids, had kind of grown up, I'd go to his home town", said Ekin.

When Davide chimed in and said that he thinks the same, a delighted Ekin said: "Oh really? Good, I thought it was just me!"

Don't you just love love?

Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings airs at 9pm on Monday 28 November and Tuesday 29 November at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ekinsuofficial

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