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Love Island stars Casey and Rosie confirm they’ve split

Love Island stars Casey and Rosie confirm they’ve split

The couple left the villa just two weeks ago.

Love Island stars Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook have called it quits just two weeks after leaving the villa.

Casey and Rosie were one of the last couples to get together in this year's winter series.

On Sunday night's (19 March) Love Island reunion, the pair confirmed that they were doing well but taking things slow, but just two days later, Casey announced that he and Rosie had gone their separate ways.

Some fans saw this news coming a mile away - especially after watching Casey and Rosie get grilled by Maya Jama on Sunday night's reunion.

During the episode, Maya came to sit with Casey and Rosie to ask how things were going, to which Casey replied: "It's all a bit overwhelming when you come back.

"We've got a date on Tuesday, so just looking forward to that."

Casey and Rosie are no more.

When Maya joked that she thought Casey was about to announce that he and Rosie had split, Casey assured her: "No, no, no. We wanted to spend some quality time with friends and family.

"There's a lot of pressure that people see us as a couple and in a relationship, and we're just not at that stage yet."

Well, it turns out Maya was right after all.

During a Q&A session with his new gang of followers, Casey confirmed the news.

When one fan asked how things were going with his Love Island partner, Casey replied: "Rosie and I have spoken... she's such a great girl.

Casey confirmed that he and Rosie have split.

"Life outside the villa is just very different and we will remain friends moving forward!"

So basically, this romance wasn't built to last.

While things may not have worked out for Casey and Rosie, his relationship with co-stars Tom Clare and Will Young is stronger than ever.

The trio already have a 'three musketeers' group chat set up, and Casey confirmed that he and Tom are making plans to visit Will on the farm.

At least there was some sort of happy ending for Casey.

Casey's friendship with Will and Tom is as strong as ever.

Meanwhile, all of this year's Love Island finalists are still going strong - though it's only been a week.

That includes Tanya and Shaq, Tom and Samie, Lana and Ron, and winners Kai and Sanam.

Former favourites Will and Jessie are also still together, though how they plan to split their time between England and Australia remains to be seen.

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