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Lorraine Kelly's Hilarious Response After Boris Asks Who She Is

Lorraine Kelly's Hilarious Response After Boris Asks Who She Is

Good Morning Britain viewers mock the Prime Minister for not knowing the iconic British presenter.

Following his first interview on Good Morning Britain in five whole years, British prime minister Boris Johnson made a comment about well-known presenter Lorraine Kelly that has completely baffled the internet.

Known across the nation for presenting a whole host of TV shows including the likes of This Morning, Daybreak, GMTV, her iconic self-titled programme Lorraine alongside Good Morning Britain itself - it's a wonder that Johnson does not know who Lorraine Kelly is.

Kelly's hilarious response follows the Prime Minister asking Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid: "Who's Lorraine?" live on the air.

After the PM turned up late to the Good Morning Britain interview, the programme overran into the next, leading to Reid letting Johnson know that they would need to wrap things up pretty quickly to hand the airtime over to the next show, Lorraine.

Upon mentioning her name, Johnson claimed to not know the longtime star ITV host asking: "Who's Lorraine?"

Within seconds, Reid speedily jumped to the ITV host's defence, clapping back with: "Who's Lorraine? Lorraine's a legend."

Boris Johnson implied he didn't know who the star ITV presenter was.

While many debated over whether the question was a "snub", part of Johnson's "schtick" or simply a display of how "out of touch" he is - it's clear to see that Kelly found the whole ordeal hilarious.

Following the "Who's Lorraine?" question and Reid's quick response, Johnson can also be heard muttering: "Great, fantastic, well I don't want to talk to Lorraine..." in the transition between the two British morning television shows whilst Lorraine laughed to herself.

As Kelly started her show, she succinctly but jokingly commented: “Wow. Thank you, Susanna. A masterclass in a political interview.”

She then graciously added: "There are loads of you, it's so funny, reacting to Boris Johnson earlier on wondering who I was. I love how he said 'Who's Lorraine?'"

Continuing with her response to the PM's question she stated: "Why should he know who I am? I mean he's busy in the mornings, he wouldn't be watching us although he could learn a lot as you know."

Hundreds have already flocked to Twitter to weigh in on the situation, some genuinely confused at the PM's lack of British TV knowledge and others believing it to be an act "designed to attract attention of a trivial matter, away from his car crash performance and lack of answers on cost of living."

"Bluster, bloviation and lies. He’s so bad at interviews. I work in PR and would have been cringing and eating my fist if I had media trained him for that. So bad." wrote one GMB watcher.

Another added, "How rude of the PM," whilst tagging Lorraine Kelly, "You're a national treasure!"

As her segment came to an end, Lorraine finally concluded: "What a funny, funny day it's been," as she trails off laughing to herself.

Good Morning Britain airs at 6am on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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