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And with that, the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is over for another year, with Sweden taking the win.

While fans at home are no doubt still celebrating, singer Loreen is likely taking care of her shiny new trophy - and perhaps a sore head, too.

And although Loreen was handed the coveted award for her winning song 'Tattoo', and will get to take the song contest to Sweden next year as a result, the singer will not be paid for her win.

Sweden charged ahead after votes from viewers.

According to the official Eurovision website, here's a list of everything the winner gets once they're crowned champion.

"The winner will perform once again, and take home the iconic glass microphone trophy.

"The winning country will traditionally be given the honour of hosting the next Eurovision Song Contest."

As far as any sort of financial reward, the winning contestant isn't compensated for their victory.

A Eurovision win does have the potential to skyrocket an artist to worldwide success, though.

For example, ABBA catapulted to fame after their 1974 win, as did Celine Dion after winning the show in 1988.

Even Loreen has already gotten a taste of the fame that comes after a Eurovision win.

The Swedish singer won the song contest back in 2012 with her hit song 'Euphoria', and climbed up the charts worldwide, hitting number one in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Sweden charged ahead after votes from viewers.

Speaking to LADbible and other media about her win at the Eurovision winners' press conference, Loreen said: "It feels surreal. It feels wonderful. Isn't it wonderful."

On becoming the first woman to win Eurovision twice, she added: "Everything feels surreal. I'm seriously overwhelmed.

"You'll have to ask me that question tomorrow, darling! This is so beautiful.

"One feeling that I have in my body is like it's taking over is just gratitude. I feel so thankful to all of you guys."

Meanwhile, Mae Muller, who competed on behalf of the UK, wasn't as successful with her entry.

Coming in 25th place - just one from the bottom - Mae failed to follow in the footsteps of last year's entrant Sam Ryder.

Tweeting after the results were announced, Mae wrote: "I just want to say thank u.

"I know I joke a lot but we really put our all into the last few months, not the result we hoped for but so proud of everyone & what we achieved on this journey.

"Congrats to all the countries, I’ll never forget this journey and I love you all."

Featured Image Credit: Andy Von Pip/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

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