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We've Been Saying Lindsay Lohan's Name Wrong This Entire Time

We've Been Saying Lindsay Lohan's Name Wrong This Entire Time

Lindsay... who??

Lindsay Lohan has just made us question absolutely everything after revealing how her name is supposed to be pronounced.

Ever since her Disney days, Lindsay fans have been pronouncing her name entirely wrong and were none the wiser.

Ready to have your mind blown? Watch this clip:

Lindsay made the video to let her fans know that she had officially joined TikTok, but her new followers were far more concerned by the fact that they had been saying her name wrong this whole time.

We feel a little bit better in knowing that we aren't the only ones who have been saying it wrong.

One shocked fan commented: "Have I been pronouncing your name wrong my entire life? I thought it was LoHAAAN".

Us too, girl. Us too.

Another fan, still in the denial stage, wrote: "u pronounced ur name wrong", while a third added: "im sorry ive said your name wrong my entire life."

Lindsay made a big splash with her first TikTok video. (

A third added: "Guys none of us knew how to pronounce her last name".

Trying to learn the correct pronunciation of the 00's icon's name, other viewers took to the comments section to get to the bottom of it.

One asked: "Lindsay… lowen? 🤨"

A second added: "Lindsey Lowen?? You mean Lindsey LOW-HAN? 😅"

"Wait. Lindsey “LOWEN”?!?IVE BEEN SAYING IT WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!?" wrote a third.

One standalone fan was thrilled with Lindsay's revelation, writing: "I got in a fight with a friend years and years ago bc I thought it was pronounced like lowen and everyone said I was wrong🤣🤣".

After dropping that absolute bombshell on all of us, Lindsay made fans feel a little bit better with an adorable Parent Trap throwback video.

We're super excited to see what else Lindsay has in store for us - though we hope it doesn't involve any more absolute shockers that make us question our entire lives.

Try and keep those to a minimum, Linds, thanks!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ 20th Century Fox

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