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People Are Just Discovering Who Lily Collins' Famous Dad Is

People Are Just Discovering Who Lily Collins' Famous Dad Is

You must be joking!

Emily In Paris fans are only now learning that lead actress Lily Collins has a very famous father, and now we need to make sure that nobody else is in the dark on this one.

As Netflix users finish their binge of the show's new season and look forward to season three, Lily Collins has been the name on everyone's lips.

After doing some research on the actress, it looks like a lot of fans are only now learning that Lily is the daughter of musician Phil Collins.

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins has a famous parent. (

Yes, the Genesis drummer had Lily Collins with his second wife Jill Tavelman back in 1984.

Of course, Lily isn't the only successful actress who has come from a famous family - look at Drew Barrymore, Emma Roberts, and Lily Rose Depp - but many fans didn't realise the connection until recently!

Sharing the information on a Netflix Recommendations Facebook page, one Emily In Paris fan confessed that she had no idea Lily had a well-known dad.

Another fan of the series wrote: "Well you learn something New Everyday 😬"

"Shut up! Really? Didn't know that x" read one comment.

"I literally found this out yesterday!" remarked another.

Phil Collins is Lily Collins' dad. (

Lily has spoken about having a famous father in the past, and even opened up about issues that she had faced with Phil in her 2017 autobiography Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

In the book, Lily featured an open letter to Phil Collins about his split from her mother Jill in 1994, and his subsequent divorce from his third wife over a decade later.

She wrote in the letter: "We all make choices and, although I don’t excuse some of yours, at the end of the day we can’t rewrite the past. I’m learning how to accept your actions and vocalise how they made me feel.

"I accept and [honour] the sadness and anger I felt toward the things you did or didn’t do, did or didn’t give me."

Emily In Paris
Emily In Paris

Elsewhere in the book, she even confesses that some of the hardest periods of her life have stemmed from troubles with her dad.

On Phil Collins' split from his third wife Orianne Cevey, Lily wrote: "I couldn’t handle the pain and confusion surrounding my dad’s divorce, and I was having a hard time balancing being a teenager with pursuing two different grown-up careers. Many of my deepest insecurities step from these issues with my dad."

Lily has previously said that seeing how her dad's love life was dissected by the public is what encouraged her to keep her own relationships private.

We hope now we can rest easy in knowing that everyone is up to date on their pop culture knowledge!

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