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Kourtney Kardashian accused of being 'unhealthy and controlling' over her kids' diets

Kourtney Kardashian accused of being 'unhealthy and controlling' over her kids' diets

Some people are outraged with Kourtney's comments about Mason Disick's diet.

Kourtney Kardashian has sparked outrage on social media after revealing details about her children’s diet.

Earlier this week, the mum-of-three revealed her 12-year-old son Mason Disick has not been allowed to eat fries for an entire year.

“I was having my one-on-one time with my son [Mason] and he said. ‘Mom I need McDonald’s French fries today, please. It’s been a year since I’ve had it'. I was like, ‘Today’s not the day, sorry',” she said in an interview with WSJ Magazine.


In the same interview she said Mason, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, inspired her to start her quest for wellness perfection.

“When I had Mason is when I really started my wellness journey. He’s very smart. He’ll tell me, ‘A person was bad because they let me have Cheetos'.

The 43-year-old’s comments have sparked a heated conversation of Reddit, with the topic posted by a user who warned: “Kourtney has to be careful she doesn’t make her kids foster a bad relationship with food.”

One outraged Reddit user responded: “There’s healthy, and there’s obsessive. This is obsessive and a very unhealthy way of thinking to pass on to your kids. It’s about moderation. Jeez.”

Another commenter mused: “This is so unhealthy and controlling. These poor kids are going to have such an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies.”

Kourtney revealed Mason is banned from eating fries.
Piotr Malczyk/Alamy Stock Photo.

While someone else spoke from personal experience and revealed how their strict childhood diet impact their food choices in adulthood. They wrote: : “My parents were like this and now I’m almost 200 pounds because I love eating fat sugary salty food all the time because I finally can decide for myself.”

Tyla has approached Kourtney Kardashian's representatives for comment.

While all the Kardashian-Jenners are known for their healthy lifestyles.

Kourtney has taken it one step further by founding the wellness brand Poosh and discussing her decision to cut gluten, dairy, and sugar from her and her children’s lives.

Kourtney also shares 10-year-old Penelope and seven-year-old Reign with Scott.

kourtney and her seven-year-old son Reign.

When Penelope and her cousin North West wanted to host a joint Candyland-themed party Kourtney quickly shut the idea down.

The incident was filmed for a 2019 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kim said at the time: “Kourtney has this vision of no sugar or no disgusting chemicals in candy. It’s like a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone because Kourtney has decided that. It just doesn’t make sense and it really wasn’t the theme of what North and Penelope wanted for their birthday.”

Kourtney argued: “I can’t believe that Kim isn’t willing to compromise at all and that she doesn’t feel guilty about giving not only her kids and my kids but all these kids that are coming to our party so much junk and candy. It’s such a dated vibe to be like that."

She added: “There’s just better solutions to things instead of your dated candy that’s literally food colouring that gives people diseases.”

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