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Kim Kardashian left fearing for her life after bad turbulence forces pilot to abort landing

Kim Kardashian left fearing for her life after bad turbulence forces pilot to abort landing

Kim didn't want to 'mess with her life' after a surprise trip to see Usher turned into a turbulence nightmare

Kim Kardashian experienced a terrifying situation when the pilot was forced to land her private plane due to unexpected turbulence.

The mum-of-four was being taken on a surprise trip to see Usher perform in Las Vegas by her friends, but never actually made it.

Featuring in today’s (29 June) latest episode of The Kardashians, sister Khloe Kardashian and bestie Tracy Romulus had planned the getaway to celebrate her 42nd birthday.

Narrating the ‘big surprise’, Khloe revealed: “So the plan is Kimberly knows we're going somewhere and we're essentially gonna kidnap her.

“We're putting her in a party van with no windows that can see outside.”

Kim did admit to the cameras that she knew she was going to Vegas but didn’t know the reason why: “I’m just gonna like hold on to that element of surpise.”

When she got in the van, Khloe asked if she was ready for the strip club which Kim described as ‘so not her vibe’.

Kim Kardashian was supposed to jet out to Vegas for her 42nd birthday but never ended up making it.

But when she was flying in the private plane and listening to Usher, she eventually learned that she’d actually be seeing the ‘Confessions’ singer in concert.

“I’m such an Usher fan. Who isn’t an Usher fan, right? Like he’s the best,” Kim said.

Joined by other gal pals Natalie Halcro, Malika Haqq, Olivia Pierson and Steph Shepherd, as well as mum Kris Jenner, the Skims founder was clearly excited for her Sin City surprise.

But scary scenes in the episode soon followed and it was revealed that they couldn't quite make it to Vegas after all.

The group started experiencing some turbulence with former flight attendant Kris (yes, great trivia fact) even admitting it seemed ‘a little extreme’.

Khloe called it ‘some scary s**t’ as the plane failed to land in Vegas.

And Kim begged: “I have to make it to 43 please.”

When Khloe asked her mother what was happening, they were told that it was 'too windy' but they were going to try landing again - or else they'd just have to 'go back home'.

Khloe helped plan the surprise for her sister Kim.

The plane attempted to land twice before turning back, with Kim saying: “And once I realised it's not a joke, we actually can't land, I'm like, I'm not messing with my life, like, let's go home. But it sucks.”

The pilot then told the group that the air traffic controller wouldn’t allow them to land in Vegas, with Khloe later thanking them for ‘making us safe’.

Gutted she couldn’t fulfil her big sister’s surprise, she said: “We feel so terrible for everyone who has moved mountains to make this experience so wonderful for Kimberly on her birthday. You make plans and God laughs.”

But eagle-eyed Kardashian fans will know they did eventually make it to see Usher six months after the episode was filmed.

Kim and her friends shared Instagram posts of the trip in April, where she was serenaded by the singer.

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