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Both Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber have admitted to being part of the 'mile-high club'.

The revelation is just one of a number of admissions from the two stars as they sat down together for an episode of Hailey's YouTube show, Who's in my Bathroom?

Kim Kardashian joined Hailey Bieber in her bathroom.
YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

While cosying up beside the sink and the bathtub, Kim and Hailey played a game of 'Truth or Shot', which saw the pair answer questions about sex, icks and even who they'd call to help them 'bury a body'.

They chose each other, if you were wondering. True partners in crime.

After establishing that they'd help each other get away with murder, and Kim clarified that 'any issues' with hygiene immediately give her the ick, Kim asked the burning question: "Have you ever joined the mile high club?"

Hailey could have taken a shot to avoid answering, but she clearly didn't feel the need to keep her raunchy antics a secret.

With absolutely no hesitation, she responded: "Yes."

Hailey Bieber quickly admitted she was in the mile-high club.
YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

Kim herself didn't have any obligation to answer the question since it had been made for Hailey, but she was more than happy to offer up her own response.

"Samesies," Kim replied, prompting Hailey to claim that she didn't 'even need to ask'.

Expanding on her assumption, Hailey pointed out: "You own a plane."

The businesswoman and mum-of-four does indeed own a plane; a private jet which she reportedly bought for $95 million (£74.3m) before tricking it out and making it her own, in turn racking up its worth to a rumoured $150 million (£117m).

Kim has previously shown off her impressive jet on an episode of The Kardashians, where she explained: "I never dreamed I would own a plane. I wanted it to feel like an extension of me and an extension of my home."

Kim Kardashian owns her own plane.
YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

Kim's had her plane custom-decorated with light wood, installed a bathroom in the back and front of the plane, and made sure every seat had its own phone charger.

Considering that she sees it as an 'extension of [her] home', the fact that Kim has joined the mile-high club really isn't that surprising.

Hailey seems to be the more daring of the two, then, as she's still managed to join the club even without having her own home in the sky. I guess when that urge hits, it's just too hard to resist.

The game of Truth or Shot eventually came to an end with one final question which saw Hailey ask Kim about her 'current celebrity crush'.

Instead of 'shooting her shot' by answering, however, Kim decided to take a literal shot, because she hopes the crush will 'come true'. We hope so too!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/haileyrhodebieber

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