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Kerry Katona Forced To Delete Pregnancy Prank Following Backlash

Kerry Katona Forced To Delete Pregnancy Prank Following Backlash

This didn't go down well.

Kerry Katona swiftly deleted an Instagram post on Friday after seriously upsetting some fans with her April Fool's Day prank.

The mum of five had uploaded a photo of an ultrasound to her account this morning. She later edited to post's caption to read: "Love you @ryanmahoney_7 ❤️ Knew you lot wouldn't bloody believe me!!! 😂😂😂".

Pregnancy can understandably be a sensitive topic for some people, given that one in every seven UK couples experiences difficulty with conceiving.

Kerry upset followers with her April Fools post. (

Despite taking down the post, some followers managed to screenshot Kerry's 'ultrasound' before she deleted it.

Sharing the screenshot Twitter, one upset user wrote: "I’m sorry but this isn’t funny at all and just because it’s been removed don’t make it ok. So insensitive!!!! Good one @KerryKatona7".


Another disappointed fan added: "@KerryKatona7 what made you think this was going to be anything other than totally insensitive? I’m in a place of acceptance (mostly) with my infertility, so things like this aren’t as triggering as they used to be. But for lots of women ‘pranks’ like this hurt #AprilFools #prank".

A third tweeted: "Why’s @KerryKatona7 posting baby scan #AprilFools on Insta like it’s not hurtful and disgusting to some people you should hang your head in shame #itisnotok."

And a fourth hurt follower posted: "Totally unacceptable from @KerryKatona7 as an infertile woman, who has never managed to have children I find this disgusting that someone in the public eye would use their platform to promote this joke THEN DELETE IT."

Kerry's post was quickly deleted. (

Speaking to The Sun about the post, a spokesperson for Kerry said: "It was an April Fools joke for her fiancé Ryan but she posted it to her public account and not her private one with very close friends by accident.

"Kerry herself cannot have any more children due to medical issues and has openly spoken about this in the past.

"She sincerely apologises to anyone who is offended and would never post anything to purposely upset anyone."

Kerry is mother to Molly-Marie, 20, Lilly-Sue 19, Heidi Elizabeth, 15, Maxwell Mark, 13, and Dylan-Jorge Rose, seven.

Tyla has contacted Kerry Katona's representatives for a comment.

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