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People Are Losing It Over Katy Perry's Pronunciation Of 'Hyperbole'

People Are Losing It Over Katy Perry's Pronunciation Of 'Hyperbole'

Who else pronounces it like Katy Perry?

We all have at least one word we thought we knew how to pronounce but eventually came to realise we had been saying it wrong our whole lives.

One person who can relate to this is pop superstar Katy Perry, who was "today years old" when she learned the correct way to pronounce hyperbole.

Hear Katy's hilarious pronunciation and the correct pronunciation below:

We're willing to bet lots of people mistakenly pronounce 'hyperbole' just like the 'When I'm Gone' hit maker.

For those who aren't sure, a hyperbole is an exaggerated statement that is not intended to be taken literally, such as "these high heels are killing me" or "my bag weighs a ton".

The pronunciation proved to be a learning curve for Katy and people on Twitter were in hysterics, with lots of people finding the whole situation hilarious, whilst others posted the words they still struggle to pronounce.

One person said they also just discovered how to say hyperbole properly. “Same… and I’m doing an English degree about linguistics and literature.”

Katy Perry discovered the correct way to pronounce 'hyperbole'. (

Another Twitter user joked: “I thought it was super bowl.”

While a third Katy Perry fan shared: “I still don’t know how ‘genre’ is pronounced.”

Similarly, a Twitter user told the 'Smile' singer: “This is me tho when I found out valedictorian was not valevictorian……it just makes sense [sic]".

One shocked Twitter user reacted with: “I was today years old to like wtf?”

And another person chimed in, writing: “You not alone on this one mamas…”


Someone else tweeted: “Everyday we learn things we thought we already knew”.

Katy, whose real name is Kathryn Hudson, is currently taking to stage to perform her Las Vegas residency show Play in which she plays a doll who gets lost in a mushroom garden and sings a duet with a giant lump of excrement.

Yes, really.

A Katy Perry fan replied to the pop star’s post and quipped: “Katheryn [your] entire Vegas show is the definition of a hyperbole.”

Every day is a school day!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - katyperry

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