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Fans Horrified As Katie Price 'Slaughters' Stuffed Animals For Son

Fans Horrified As Katie Price 'Slaughters' Stuffed Animals For Son

What on earth?

Katie Price fans were horrified when they tuned into her new Mucky Mansion series to see her 'slaughter' her son's stuffed animals.

The new Channel 4 series follows Katie Price, 43, renovate her family's £2 million West Sussex home.

In this week's debut episode, viewers watched as the reality star got her hands dirty and transformed her son Jett's bedroom into a jungle paradise.

Watch the chaos unfold here:

The mum headed to her local garden centre to gather supplies and decorated the bedroom walls with a bright grassy wallpaper.

But viewers got quite a shock when Katie sat in front of cameras and meticulously sliced up her son's stuffed animals with the intention of mounting them on his bedroom wall - can you say nightmares?

While both Katie and Jett were thrilled with how the bedroom turned out, fans admitted they were shook.

One upset viewer wrote: "Everybody watching the teddies being slaughtered #MuckyMansion"

Another added: "Cut up teddies and stuck on the walls? #MuckyMansion."

But others were impressed with Katie's creativity, and hoped to replicate the idea in their own homes.

One viewer tweeted: "The stuffed animal ideas for Jett’s bedroom are amazing. Stealing that idea."

Katie glued Jett's stuffed toys to his wall. (
Channel 4)

Some who tuned in to the new Channel 4 series were confused as to how Katie was able to afford these pricey home renovations - especially after the star declared bankruptcy back in 2019.

"I Thought #katieprice was bankrupt? How is she affording these renovations? Genuinely interested to know!" tweeted one viewer.


"How does she get to keep her house when she’s bankrupt?" asked another.

A third wrote: "How has she got money to renovate a 19 room house, i thought she was bankrupt. I cant afford to do my 2 up 2 down."

Katie Price's Mucky Mansion will continue on Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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