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Kate and Rio Ferdinand in tears after ‘heated’ rows over her pregnancy

Kate and Rio Ferdinand in tears after ‘heated’ rows over her pregnancy

The couple explained their feelings about her pregnancies on the podcast Blended.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand had ‘heated’ arguments over her pregnancy.

The former TOWIE star, 31, announced she’s pregnant with her second child in a short clip showing her growing baby bump on Instagram back in January.

In the most recent episode of her podcast Blended, which was released earlier today, Kate was joined by her former Manchester United footballer hubby to discuss expanding their family.

The reality TV star uses the podcast to discuss raising her family, including her two-year-old son Cree with Rio, 44, and raising her step-children Lorenz, 16, Tate, 14 and Tia, 11 from Rio’s previous marriage to Rebecca Ellison, who died of cancer in 2015.

During the podcast, Kate shared her fears that Rio wasn’t very excited about her own pregnancy journey because he already had three children before Cree.

“Because I’ve had three kids before and we’ve had Cree together she still gets the hump – you [Kate] find it hard to believe that I can be as happy because it’s number five,” he explained.

Kate is pregnant with a baby girl.

“We’ve had heated [arguments] – there were tears,” he revealed.

He then posed a question to listeners: “Does everyone else’s missus when they have a baby or when they’re pregnant – just the hormones are always - they go too? You’ve been much better than last time.”

Kate admitted she felt like her husband of three years wasn’t excited about her first pregnancy. “When I was pregnant with Cree I was a bit cuckoo and I was so excited – I felt like you just did not care.”

She added: “When there was no bump there, was no baby in your eyes for at least three to four months.”

Kate said she felt like Rio didn’t care which made her feel emotional during her pregnancy with Cree and revealed she recently felt similar feelings carrying their unborn daughter. “Then I just started getting really emotional thinking. ‘He doesn’t care, it’s his fourth child.’ You said you cared, I thought you didn’t. We had a moment like this again the other night.”

The former footballer revealed they've had 'heated' arguments.

Rio addressed his feelings my comparing them to his favourite sport of course: "I had to give you an example.

"Like when I signed for Man United, obviously the biggest day in my life at the time, my mum was there, and Sir Alex Ferguson said to my mum, 'Is he alright? Is he happy?'

'She was like, 'No, no, he's fine, he just wants to get it done and dusted'. That's just him.

"He [Sir Alex] couldn't understand why I wasn't doing cartwheels round his office.

"I find it hard - I don't show my emotions. I wouldn't have been any other way from the first one, Lorenz, to the latest one.

"I wanted a little girl for you and Tia because I think that little triangle, when I see that, it will break me."

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