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Josie Cunningham welcomes sixth child after discovering shock pregnancy in hospital

Josie Cunningham welcomes sixth child after discovering shock pregnancy in hospital

Congratulations, Josie!

TV personality Josie Cunningham announced to fans on Friday that she has welcomed her sixth child.

The model shared the exciting news with Instagram followers, posting a sweet snap of the back of her newborn daughter's head.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: "Welcome to the world, princess. 7lb6 my chunky princess. Born 7pm 25.8.22".

Josie, 32, was flooded with messages of congratulations after sharing the news.

"Congratulations gorgeous", commented one follower.

"Wow look at all that hair! Congratulations" wrote another.

Aaah congratulations!!!" added a third. "Can't wait to find out her name."

Josie is already mum to children Grace, Harley, Frankie, Dolly-Blu, and Destiny, all of whom have different fathers, she claims.

Earlier this year, Josie revealed that she didn't know she was pregnant with baby number six until she was rushed to hospital when she couldn't stop "vomiting and fainting."

Sharing the news with fans back in March, along with a photo of the ultrasound scan, she explained: "So it's come as a bit of a shock, guys, but I was recently admitted to hospital with vomiting and fainting and discovered I'm four months pregnant with a little princess.

"Shocked isn't the word but I'm chuffed! X"

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Josie hasn't yet shared who the father of her newborn baby girl is.

Previously commenting on her unique family set-up, Josie told Closer back in 2019: "know people will judge, looking at me with my army of children, but I don’t care. I’m not on benefits.

"Three of the dads help me out financially, but it’s mainly me who makes sure the kids have everything they want using the money I earned from media appearances.

"I’m still in touch with all but one of the fathers and they are very much part of my children’s lives. Two of them live nearby and will come over on Christmas Day... It’s like one big happy family and there’s so much love between us all."

Over the years, Josie has been known to make shocking statements in the name of fame.

Back in 2020, Josie made headlines when she revealed that she had started a sexual relationship with her 'step-son'.

She claimed that, after giving birth to her fifth child, Destiny, she got close to her 'step-son'.

"I had heard about his [Destiny's father] son, and it wasn't until he mentioned that he was a personal trainer that I started to look him up on social media", she had told The Mirror.

"We became friends on social media and I joked about how I was his new step-mum.

"Just before giving birth to Destiny my relationship started to break down and I couldn't help but think about my step-son.

"It felt a bit weird thinking that. In essence, this was my newborn baby's half-brother but with there being no blood link I didn't see the problem."

It's unclear whether the two are still together, but there's every chance that Josie's family might have just gotten a whole lot more complicated!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/josiecunninghamofficial

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