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Hollyoaks' Jorgie Porter shares sweet reason behind her baby son's name

Hollyoaks' Jorgie Porter shares sweet reason behind her baby son's name

Jorgie and her partner welcomed their baby boy last month.

Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter has explained the reasoning behind the unique name she chose for her newborn baby.

The TV star, who plays Theresa McQueen on the Channel 4 drama series, welcomed her baby boy last month with fiancé Ollie Piotrowski.

Now long after welcoming the little tot, Jorgie announced the news to fans, sharing the unique name she and Ollie had chosen for their son.

Jorgie Porter and her partner Ollie have welcomed their son Forest.
Jorgie Porter/Instagram

Sharing a photo of she and Ollie leaving the hospital with their newborn on 30 November, Jorgie wrote: "Welcome to the family... Our baby boy... Forest."

Speaking to Hello! about the newborn Forest's name, Jorgi said: "Forest is the most wonderful gift.

"We’ve got the Christmas trees up around the house and a 12ft nutcracker in the front garden. And now, with baby Forest here, everything feels even more magical. I love him so much."

On the inspiration behind Forest's unusual name, Ollie added: "Jorgie took the lead. We got down to two or three options, but we didn’t want him to have a similar name to anyone else in his class at school so we decided Forest was the one."

Baby Forest's birth was even more special given the difficulties that Jorgie and Ollie have faced recently.

The couple had previously revealed that, last year, they tragically miscarried quadruplets at 14 weeks in August 2021, and suffered another miscarriage at six weeks in February this year.

"After what happened, both of us held part of our emotions back during the pregnancy, just in case," confessed Jorgie.

"People would say: 'Ooh! Next week, he’ll be here' and we wanted to join in those conversations, but we were careful to not think too much about the future."

Jorgie shared her exciting pregnancy news back in June with the sweetest post to Instagram.

The actress shared a video to social media showing Ollie's hands lifting up to reveal her hands, which lifted up to reveal Ollie's son's hands, which lifted up to reveal the couple's dog's paws, which were then finally moved to reveal Jorgie's ultrasound scan.

Hundreds of fans and friends commented on Jorgie's heartwarming video, captioned: "Hopeful beginnings" to congratulate her.

Though the couple are over the moon with the arrival of their healthy little boy, they're not ready to start thinking about another baby just yet.

"When you’ve been through as much as we have, you don’t want to think: 'We've got something perfect, let's get more'," she explained.

"If something naturally happens, amazing. If not, we’ll remain so grateful for what we have."

Featured Image Credit: themissyporter / instagram

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