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Jonnie Irwin celebrates his 'best Father’s Day' as children remain unaware of his terminal cancer

Jonnie Irwin celebrates his 'best Father’s Day' as children remain unaware of his terminal cancer

The Place in the Sun presenter was diagnosed with cancer in 2020

A Place in the Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin enjoyed the 'best Father’s Day ever' with his three children while living with terminal lung cancer.

Irwin shared the news of his diagnosis with the public in November 2022, but he and his wife, Jessica, have not yet discussed his health issues with their sons, Rex, Rafa and Cormac.

Instead, he wanted to focus on making memories with his family, noting at the time: "The reality is, my boys are going to grow up not knowing their dad and that breaks my heart."

Making memories is exactly what Irwin focused on doing yesterday (18 June), when dads across the globe celebrated Father's Day.

Jonnie Irwin enjoyed Father's Day with his three kids.

Irwin took to Instagram to share a series of photos of him enjoying the day, including him grinning alongside his kids while showing off his gifts of a Toblerone bar and a handmade card.

The dad also shared that he enjoyed a 'breakfast of chocolate Guinness cake' baked by his 'brilliant wife'.

"Had The best Father’s Day ever," he wrote, adding: "[I had] cards from the boys and visit from my brother in law for a brief pillion ride back in time to enjoy some of the highs and lows of the Ashes ending in more cake with more family washed down by a drop of champers."

Other pictures showed more coloured cards, Irwin enjoying his cake and suiting up with his brother for a ride on the motorbike.

Irwin described this Father's Day as his 'best'.

The presenter was first diagnosed with cancer in 2020, when he was given six months to live before undergoing chemotherapy, which has helped prolong his prognosis.

Though he hasn't told his kids yet, Irwin told Hello he makes sure to 'encourage' them in life.

"I'm positive about them and give them cuddles," he said, adding: "I've started to tell Rex in private conversations, 'You can do anything'. He's bright, he's talented, and comes home from nursery knowing more French than I do. "

Rex is the couple's eldest child at four-and-a-half, while his younger twin brothers are set to turn three this month.

After having a tough upbringing himself, Irwin expressed the hope that his kids would have better childhoods.

"I've managed to do a lot in my life, despite that, but I don't want them to struggle," he explained.

"I want them to have the confidence of a public school boy, but also be streetwise lads. They're happy kids, they laugh, and are a lot of fun to have around."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jonnieirwintv

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