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Jennifer Lawrence seen wearing flip flops under her beautiful red carpet gown

Jennifer Lawrence seen wearing flip flops under her beautiful red carpet gown

The Oscar-winning actor was at Cannes for the premiere of her new documentary

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing flip flops under her stunning red carpet gown, and frankly we could not stan her more.

The Oscar-winning actor was at Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Bread and Roses, a documentary by Sahra Mani following the lives of three people in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in 2021, produced by Lawrence.

Speaking to the BBC about why the film felt so important for her, she said her heart had been ‘beating so fast’ watching incredible women ‘defy the Taliban’.

“You don't see this side of the story, women fighting back, in the news every day and it's an important part of our film, and the stories of these women,” she explained.

Saying it was devastating to think about the sudden loss of control Afghan woman have experienced, Lawrence added: "They currently have no autonomy within their country. It is so important for them to be given the opportunity to document their own story, in their own way."

Jennifer Lawrence debuted her documentary Bread and Roses at Cannes Film Festival.
Associated Press/Alamy Stock Photo

Bread and Roses was made through her production company Excellent Cadaver, which she set up with friend, Justine Ciarrocchi, in 2018.

With the subjects of the film now all safely out of the country, Lawrence and director Mani felt comfortable submitting the powerful documentary for wider distribution.

This started with Cannes, where the film had its premiere on Sunday (21 May) with a special screening.

Mum-of-one Lawrence took to the red carpet in a red Christian Dior couture gown, paired with a matching stole and a Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace.

But just when you thought she was exuding old school Hollywood glamour from head-to-toe, photos showed there was one element where she kept it surprisingly casual – having been spotted in flip-flops as she went in front of press. YES J-LAW!!

Lawrence paired her Christian Dior gown with... flip flops.
Associated Press/Alamy Stock Photo

It’s hardly surprising, given how long these events can be – especially as she’d already been busy with the daytime photo call, wearing a grey knit sheath dress as she posed for pictures.

Beneath that appeared to be a pair of strappy high heeled silver sandals, so it’s no wonder if her feet were starting to suffer by the time the screening rolled around.

Speaking at the premiere, Mani said: "This film has a message from women in Afghanistan, a soft message; please be their voice who are voiceless under Taliban dictatorship."

In another interview on the Cannes website, she added that she had wanted to show the reality of just how much life had changed for women under Taliban rule.

"Now that women can no longer leave the house without the veil, I thought we should tell their stories," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press/Alamy Stock Photo

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