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Jennifer Coolidge admits her 'immaturity' stopped her from having children

Jennifer Coolidge admits her 'immaturity' stopped her from having children

After her iconic role as Fiona in A Cinderella Story, Jennifer Coolidge often jokes that she'd make a better stepmom.

Jennifer Coolidge has admitted her ‘immaturity’ stopped her from starting a family.

The White Lotus actor made the comment in a recent interview, saying that was concerned about having to ‘grow up’ if she had children.

Despite being known for her iconic role as Stiffler’s mom in American Pie, the actor also revealed that a lack of suitable partners was another reason she chose not to settle down.

The 60-year-old also revealed that ill-suited suitors also affected her career, with the A-lister admitting that she got ‘distracted’ as a younger woman.

Describing it as a ‘fatal flaw’, she said that she didn’t capitalise on her early success in the nineties and noughties enough.

“I have to say I made the terrible mistake of not riding the wave that I had early on. It was sort of in the '90s when I had Legally Blonde, Best in Show and American Pie. And then there was Cinderella Story and stuff like that,” she revealed on Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

Though Coolidge is having a career-high currently, she still regrets it took so long for her to ‘get going’ and that she didn’t have a ‘plan’.

“…. there was a moment. There was a wave I really could have ridden but I got really distracted," admitted the actor, “As for the distraction? I started pursuing guys.”

Coolidge said she got 'distracted' when she was younger.

She also said that her previous partners also influenced her decision not to have children, in an interview with British GQ.

“I’ve never had, like, a laid-back boyfriend that was just full of joy, you know? Like, someone who laughs at all your shortcomings. That’s never who I choose for myself,” Coolidge added.

However, the currently single star also said that she was ‘immature’ and wanted to remain young at heart rather than settle down.

Continuing, she added: “I’m very, very immature, I think that has kept me from having children, because I’m sort of a child. Maybe if I had kids, I would’ve had to have grown up.”

Whilst the Emmy award winner is enjoying her life, she did acknowledge that she might 'appreciate' her life in LA more if she had children – even joking that she is 'bored' with the City of Angels.

However, Coolidge revealed that she’s ignored close friends who suggested she adopt and often tells them that she’d make a better stepmother.

After her iconic role as Fiona in A Cinderella Story, we couldn’t agree more.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jennifercoolidge

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