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Influencer ‘shaking’ after thinking she lost her engagement ring in the ocean

Influencer ‘shaking’ after thinking she lost her engagement ring in the ocean

Holly Kingston was traumatised by her trip to the beach

A social media influencer was left 'shaking' after she thought she'd lost her engagement ring in the ocean.

Holly Kingston is currently enjoying a luxury holiday in Bali with her fiancé, Jimmy Nicholson. But things took a turn for the worse this week:

The pair were sunning themselves on the beach during their trip when The Bachelor star suddenly realised that her diamond ring was no longer on her finger.

Panicked, she called Jimmy over to see if he could find it, fearing it was a lost cause.

In a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories - because you've obviously got to document these traumatic moments - she said her partner was 'not very happy' and spent 30 minutes trawling the surf for the expensive piece of jewellery.

The couple thought the ring was gone forever.
Holly Kingston/Instagram

She says: "I seem to have lost my engagement ring while swimming in the ocean.

"So Jimmy is searching for it, and he is not very happy with me."

However, just when the couple thought that all was lost, another video showed Jimmy appeared to return from the water, ring in hand.

Amazed that he was able to find it, Holly shouted: "Oh my god! My heart is pounding."

An equally shocked Jimmy added: "Seriously, I've been out there for half an hour. I thought it was a goner. Just don't take it to the beach."

In other clips from the tumultuous beach trip, Holly said that she was still 'shaking' from her ordeal.

Incredibly, they managed to find it.
Holly Kingston/Instagram

"My hands are still shaking because that was not a fun experience," she says, showing her ring now back on her finger.

"But we actually found it right next to the towel where we put our stuff down, so thankfully it didn't even land in the ocean, but my God!"

The pair got engaged last year after having matched on reality dating show The Bachelor, during which Jimmy gave Holly a $38,000 commitment ring.

I mean, if her engagement ring is anywhere as expensive as that, you can understand why she was so upset at almost having lost it, can't you?

The couple met on a dating show.
Jimmy Nicholson/Instagram

But perhaps an even more incredible engagement ring tale belongs to Nick and Shaina Day.

Nick popped the question back in 2001 with a shiny diamond ring, but unfortunately, the joy soon turned to panic as not long after the proposal Shaina lost her ring while living at Nick's mum's house.

"She came to me one day and said, 'I think I lost my ring," Nick told Fox 59, adding: "She said, 'It was on the counter now it's gone and I think I may have flushed down the toilet on accident.'"

The couple were determined to find the jewellery and Shaina even climbed into the septic tank to try and find it, but they had no luck.

That was until last year, when they were reunited with the sentimental piece of jewellery.

Featured Image Credit: @hollykingston/Instagram

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