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Fans debate Kim Kardashian's Instagram after photos of her 'unedited face' are exposed

Fans debate Kim Kardashian's Instagram after photos of her 'unedited face' are exposed

Fans are trying to figure out the authenticity of the star's 'unedited face' pics

Fans are debating amongst themselves the authenticity of Kim Kardashian's Instagram after certain photos of the star show her face in a whole new light.

The debate re-opened when Kim, 42, uploaded photos from an event that looked totally different to another photo posted by a different account from the exact same day.

Social media users have started to allege that Kim is harshly editing her photos in a hopes to hide signs of ageing.

Fans debate the authenticity of Kim Kardashian's Instagram after 'unedited face' pics circulated online.

The whole drama began late last month when Kim shared a series of photos of her attendance to the private and ultra-swanky Dolce and Gabbana afterparty.

Based in Milan, it's clear that Kim definitely rose to the occasion dressing head-to-toe in an iconic lace-up bodycon snakeskin number.

Complete with a matching snakeskin choker and heaps of bling to pair - many fans couldn't wait to share their reactions to Kim's Italian get-up.

Kim wore a snakeskin maxi dress to the Dolce and Gabbana party.

However, some hawk-eyed followers of the reality TV star started clocking some big differences between Kim's personal posts and other shots papped of her at the event.

Leonie Hanne, a model who also attended the party, shared a photo of herself and Kim on 26 February - two days before the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted her curated choice of photos.

Fans spotted some major differences between the two sets of photos - namely how Kim's skin looked far less airbrushed in Leonie's pictures.

While the phenomenon of photo-editing is nothing new when it comes to the Kardashians - who have previously been called out for their harsh editing - fans reckon that most of the photo tweaks were to reverse supposed signs of ageing more so than anything else.

After a comparison video was uploaded to TikTok - many were quick to share their support for Kim but highlighted their issue with the alleged ageism attached to the 'edited' photos.

One social media user wrote: "She's still really pretty she just looks her age without the filters."

"She looks her age which isn’t even a bad thing idk why they conceal it so much," a second added.

Others even found the whole situation refreshing, writing: "Finally a normal image of her. Showing a woman that is 42 and fine with that instead of pretending to be 30."

"They need to understand that it’s okay to look 40 when you’re 40," put forward another.

Regardless, it's fair to say that fans thought Kim looked great in both sets of photos.

Featured Image Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

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