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Holly Hagan Had A Gravy Fountain With Yorkshire Puddings At Her Wedding

Holly Hagan Had A Gravy Fountain With Yorkshire Puddings At Her Wedding

The best idea ever, if you ask us.

Holly Hagan had a gravy fountain with Yorkshire puddings at her wedding – and it sounds delish. 

Holly, 29, married now-husband Jacob Blyth in a stunning Ibiza wedding last week, complete with 56 guests at the Aguas de Ibiza luxury hotel. 

Holly and Jacob were married in Ibiza.
Holly Hagan/Instagram

Revealing the details to OK! Magazine, Holly had Geordie Shore castmates Charlotte Crosby and Sophie Kasaei as bridesmaids, meanwhile Nathan Henry was also in attendance. 

“I’ve shared my whole journey with Charlotte and Sophie and they’ve become more like sisters – but we’re all so different, we dress differently our attitudes are different,” said Holly.

“It’s like a sibling, you don’t always have the same views on things, but you’re so close and nothing will take away that bond – and that’s how I feel about those two girls.” 

Holly even had a Yorkshire pudding gravy fountain at the evening party, and we’re obsessed.

After waiting so long for their beautiful wedding due to covid, it was certainly emotional, with groom Jacob bursting into tears when he saw his bride.

"I turned back around and This Year’s Love by David Gray was playing and I heard this big gasp, which meant the bride was coming," said Jacob.

"I turned around and I just broke down – I’ve never experienced that feeling before. It was definitely the best day of my life."

Holly explained it was a particularly special moment as she had never seen Jacob cry before.

Holly and Jacob first got engaged in 2019.
Holly Hagan/Instagram

Speaking about the dreamy day on her Instagram afterwards, Holly said: "I can’t even believe I’m saying this because it still feels like I’m living in a dream.

"I didn’t think my love for him could get any stronger but becoming husband and wife has a very special feeling that I’ll never be able to put into words you are 1 in a million @blythy9 and I’m so excited to spend the rest of our lives together!

"We’re so excited to be able to share a glimpse into our special day with you all. There’s no words to describe it except completely magical... my absolute dream come true."

The happy couple first got engaged back in 2019, also while on a romantic trip in Ibiza.

"IM GUNNA BE A WIFE," Holly wrote at the time.

"I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, or that we and everybody else managed to keep it a secret for the last couple of weeks.

"But on our second anniversary on the island where we first met, the love of my life asked me to be his WIFE!!"

We're so happy for Holly and Jacob!

Featured Image Credit: Holly Hagan/Instagram

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