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Hilary Duff admits she follows Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet and ‘starves off her hunger’

Hilary Duff admits she follows Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet and ‘starves off her hunger’

The Lizzie McGuire star is taking after the Goop founder when it comes to breakfast

Hilary Duff has admitted that she follows Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial diet plan, which has been dubbed a 'starvation diet'.

Paltrow's diet prompted immediate social media backlash when she opened up about it on a podcast, with one Twitter user writing: "How can even one person live on that little food for a week?"

Another wrote: "It is kinda funny how Gwyneth Paltrow is a multi-millionaire but she eats like she’s a farmer’s daughter in the early 1900s experiencing famine."

However, it turns out Duff is a fan and she opened up about trying out the diet during an interview on the Lipstick on the Rim podcast.

Duff said: "Sometimes I try to — you know, Gwyneth’s in trouble for saying this — but sometimes I try to just drink coffee in the morning and starve off my hunger."

Hilary Duff has opened up about her diet choices.
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However, the 35-year-old did give more details to what she eats for the rest of the day.

She's particularly fond of cauliflower rounds, which she described as 'super clean', and generally eats after tossing them into an air fryer.

To top them off, she adds them in with egg salad, a fried egg, avocado or a vegan sausage.

Duff is also partial to some overnight oats as well.

The mum-of-three also enjoys snacking whilst preparing her kids' lunches: "If we’re being honest, yeah, I eat a chicken nugget in the morning while I’m packing lunches and there’s one left over.

"Pop it down the hatch!"

Paltrow had previously caused a stir in March when she opened up about her day-to-day diet which startled fans, health experts and celebrities alike.

The 50-year-old actor starts her day off with a coffee to avoid 'spiking her blood sugar' and abstains from eating food until the middle of the day.

The Shallow Hal star admitted on the Living Well podcast that she enjoys soup and often has bone broth for lunch on most days.

Gwyneth Paltrow had previously drawn criticism for her approach to eating.

After lunch, she'll follow up the broth with one hour of exercise, whether that be pilates, a walk or a Tracy Anderson workout.

When dinner time rolls around, Paltrow has a vegetable heavy dinner in a effort to 'detox' - from what exactly, I'm not sure.

Social media users blasted her for promoting what they saw as a 'starvation' diet.

Paltrow hit back following the backlash, as she insisted that she suffers from 'long Covid' and has high levels of inflammation as a result.

According to the Goop founder, she was relying on a lot of cooked vegetables, 'all kinds of protein' and 'healthy carbs' to get her back to full health.

In addition to that, she insisted that her interview about her diet was not intended to be advice for anybody else, although she said that her diet was working well for her.

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