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With gender reveals being all over social media, it’s understandable that parents want to have the perfect announcement for their little one.

However, one expectant parent may have had the perfect gender reveal, getting none other than Harry Styles to help with the milestone moment.

While it’s not the only surprise the singer has helped with during his latest tour, the Wembley crowd understandably went wild for the gender reveal.

The singer surprised fans with the adorable moment.

With the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ musician returning to Wembley for extra dates, he decided to make the June 14 concert even more special with the adorable announcement.

Dressed in a light blue t-shirt and glittering heart print trousers, Styles seems to struggle to open the gender reveal balloon – hilariously grimacing at the item.

Instead of dropping the mic, the 29-year-old instead hypes up the awaiting audience and jokes: “Be quiet, will ya?”

He then swings his arm as if to release the gender reveal balloon with the crowd cheering him on, only to dash away in the last second.

Having warmed up the Wembley audience, he then walks back towards his band and teases his fans even further.

“This is called edging, by the way,” he gleefully quips.

After one final taunt to the audience, he begins cheers before bursting the balloon and a shower of pink confetti washes over the ‘Adore you’ singer.

The star previously helped a fan propose to his girlfriend during the Australian leg of his Love On Tour world tour - with the viral moment shared on TikTok last year.

Fans have been going wild for the milestone moment.

Understandably, the new clip has gone viral after being uploaded to TikTok with Styles stans racing to watch the video – which has been seen over 1.2 million times.

One excited fan commented: “He’s such a genuine and kind person, this was so sweet…congratulations to the lady xx”

Others soon joined, as they spoke about how ‘excited’ the singer was to take part in the milestone moment.

“His cute little smile he was so excited for her,” added another fan, with a third writing: “I absolutely adore how happy he looks after the reveal. May he always get a cold pillow.”

One superfan even revealed a sweet detail about the concert, which had not been included in the short clip.

“And he gave her his water bottle 'cause she was so overwhelmed afterwards,” they raved in the comments.

While the parent-to-be has yet to come forward, here’s hoping they got this incredible moment on film to show their little one in the future!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@flemberly

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