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Richard Madeley reveals that wife Judy is sleeping in the spare room

Richard Madeley reveals that wife Judy is sleeping in the spare room

The pair are currently in separate beds due to an uninvited guest

Richard Madeley has revealed that his wife Judy Finnigan is sleeping in the spare room.

The 66-year-old TV personality is well-known for sharing titbits from his private life with wife Judy, 74, on Good Morning Britain - and today he revealed that an uninvited guest has been causing havoc at home.

The pair, who tied the knot back in 1986 and share two children together, are currently sleeping in separate beds due to a mouse running rampant around their bedroom.

Speaking to co-host Charlotte Hawkins on the show earlier today, he said: "I was saying earlier that Judy is now sleeping in the spare room because we have got this mouse in the bedroom now.

"It comes out from the bed at about 11pm every night on the dot, virtually to the second.

"I've set traps and I have put boxes out and a lot of people are saying peanut butter.

"But I have tried peanut butter and it stinks."

Stinky and a mouse running around the place? No wonder poor Judy’s headed off to the spare room.

Richard Madeley revealed that wife Judy is sleeping in a spare room.

Charlotte then shared the story of the speaker of the House of Common ​​​​Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who has brought his cat Attlee to Downing Street to get rid of any mice - a move that was a huge success.

"He's brought his cat, Attlee, down to do this,” she explained.

“The speaker said Attlee has been going around to check there were not any mice around, and there were absolutely none.

"So you need to have a word with Sir Lindsay Hoyle and say can you borrow Attlee for the day."

And Richard reckoned this sounded like a solid idea, adding: "Apparently he's an ace mouser, thank you very much indeed."


Last week, Richard read out a particularly grim story about a recent trip to the theatre that ended in disaster.

“We were in the theatre and the woman behind us was drinking champagne like water with a rowdy man who was slugging lager after lager.

“Just before the intermission - I'm sorry about this if you're having your breakfast block your ears.

“The lady sicked up all over the person next to us and then the man joined them by vomiting right into my lap.”

He added: “A great night out was had by all.”

His shocked co-host Ranvir Singh responded: “At the theatre! It used to be this elitist thing. It's turned into something quite... it should be for everybody of course, I'm not saying it should be elitist.”

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