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Gillian McKeith admits saying she was pregnant to get out of I'm A Celeb trial

Gillian McKeith admits saying she was pregnant to get out of I'm A Celeb trial

Gillian McKeith faked being pregnant to get out of a bush tucker trial.

Look, the I'm A Celeb campmates really do get put through the wringer.

In 2010, Scottish TV personality Gillian McKeith appeared on the show and was relentlessly voted in for pretty much every trial.

So, when iconic contestant confessed that she faked having a baby on the way in the hopes of dodging another trial, we weren't surprised.

Gillian opened up about her time in the jungle.
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Speaking with The Sun about her time on the show, Gillian said: "I was terrified of everything so I was constantly working myself up to different levels of craziness inside my body.

"You have access to a psychiatrist at all times and I went to speak to them at one point to ascertain how many more trials I would be doing.

"I tried everything to get out of these trials. I tried telling them I was pregnant and they didn’t believe me. I said, 'I do actually believe I am pregnant and we really must take this seriously.'"

So, Gillian had no luck using pregnancy to get out of the trial, but she did famously faint before one task, which meant that she was exempt.

The moment is remembered by many.

We mean, it was possibly one of the most memorable events on British television, so to be fair she more than made up for whatever viewing numbers the trial would've pulled.

She also managed to get out of another trial on account of her scoliosis.

"I was exempt from one that I know I would have been voted for because I have scoliosis, which is [a] curvature of the spine," said the You Are What You Eat star, who is rumoured to be returning for next year's I'm A Celebrity...All Stars."

"I wasn’t allowed to be dropped from a height in a harness in case it jiggled me. I would have rather have done that one as there were no insects but they wouldn’t let me," she added.

In all fairness, there is always one contestant each year that is relentlessly voted in for trials and it's honestly really hard to watch.

And Gillian isn't the only contestant that's been excused on medical grounds, recently Love Island star Olivia Attwood left the camp after her blood test flagged up some deficiencies.

Olivia added that, as a result, ITV wasn't 'willing to authorise my return and therefore I wasn’t insured'.

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