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Geordie Shore Fans Are Just Finding Out Chloe Ferry's Real Name

Geordie Shore Fans Are Just Finding Out Chloe Ferry's Real Name

How did we not know this?

Chloe Ferry accidentally revealed her real name this weekend and we're genuinely shocked it isn't, well, Chloe Ferry!

The reality star made fans very jealous when she decided to jet off to Turkey to avoid the chilly January weather here in the UK.

But when she was showing off her plans on Instagram, followers spotted her real name printed on her plane ticket.

Chloe Ferry has revealed her real name. (

It turns out that Chloe Ferry was a stage name that the Geordie Shore star picked for herself when the MTV series first started to take off.

Yes, according to her plane ticket, Chloe's real name is Chloe West Etherington.

That one's news to us!

Chloe, 26, has been soaking up the sun with her friends and boyfriend Johnny Wilbo, 25, who flew out to join her.

Our invite must have gotten lost in the post.

Chloe revealed her real name, Chloe West Etherington. (

Her Mediterranean getaway comes as she continues to heal from the devastating death of her dad.

Chloe's father passed away just one week before Christmas after a battle with cancer.

Just last week, the reality star confessed to her followers that she had been struggling to keep it together without her dad around.

In an emotional post to Instagram, she wrote: "This morning I woke up not at my best, I wasn’t happy with the way I look or how I feel.

Chloe confessed that she's struggling without her dad. (

"Sometimes Instagram only shows the good things that are going on in life but I think it’s important to show the real times as well.

"But today has been the first day I get back to my best and it’s totally up to me.

She continued: "Fear of the future or what people think or what could go wrong is not easy but I’ve got this I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!"

We're thinking of you Chloe!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chloegshore1

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