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Farrah Abraham slammed for letting her 14-year-old daughter get six piercings

Farrah Abraham slammed for letting her 14-year-old daughter get six piercings

The Teen Mom star has been criticised for her TikTok video of her daughter

Farrah Abraham has been criticised for letting her 14-year-old daughter get six piercings.

In what was supposed to just be a birthday gift to Sophia, the Teen Mom star has received backlash for uploading a TikTok of the pair in a tattoo parlour.

Watch below:

Mum Farrah filmed Sophia, who was dressed in a black hoodie, getting two snakebite piercings on her bottom lip and two new piercings on each ear.

She captioned the post: "HAPPY 14th Birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party!

"6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake. Can you even eat your cake?"


However, some viewers were not best pleased with the video, with one person commenting: "I would have not been allowed back into my school if I showed up with 6 piercings at that age!

"I think this is a bit too intense and not completely age appropriate. She looks cute but fake ones would have gone a long way as well..."

Another added: "Well of course she did, her mother is Farrah.

"Honestly if I had kid I’d let them get piercings but only nose, ears, and belly button.

"Face holes never fully heal up and those Monroe’s or snake bite scars look gnarly."

A third argued: "I don’t have a problem with piercing but I do have a problem with her mother posting this video to her audience of creeps. Really irresponsible to post."

A fourth said: "One thing is letting her dress to express her self but allowing piercings like this at only 14 she’s still a baby!"


Although not everyone was so outraged with the video, as one supporter said: "14 already…wow! I just know time is flying by for you mama.

"Thank you for sharing y’all’s journey. It’s been amazing to watch."

A second agreed: "I seriously love that she has this fun, free, opportunity to express herself like this!!! This is amazing!!"

While a third thought: "I wish I was as cool as Sophia!! She is gorgeous. Good job mama."

Another added: "This made me teary, love she is able to express herself and have such a supportive mother."

Featured Image Credit: farrahabraham/tiktok/instagram

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