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Eurovision host Mel Giedroyc has managed to steal the spotlight from all 26 of the performing countries with her impressive butter churning skills.

Is 'impressive' the right word? To be honest, I'm not sure how you should look while churning butter, but Giedroyc definitely did a good job of it.

The presenter appeared between performances on BBC One tonight (13 May), where she was spotted in the background while host Hannah Waddingham spoke about the night's events.

It was impossible to miss Giedroyc's butter churning skills.

Waddingham has captured a lot of people's attention tonight, especially when she showed off her talent of speaking French, but it was hard to miss Giedroyc as she sat behind the Ted Lasso star with a butter churn between her legs.

The former Great British Bake Off host was spotted among a group of Portugal supporters while dressed in full costume with a striped milkmaid-style dress and her hair in bunches.

Giedroyc didn't speak during the segment, but she didn't need to.

Her seductive facial expressions and the way she moved the butter churn did all the talking, and after watching all of the acts perform, a lot of viewers are convinced she was the highlight of the show.

One enthusiastic fan suggested that the presenter deserved an award for her dedication to the bit, saying: "MEL GIEDROYC AS A BUTTER CHURNING POLISH MILKMAID! GIVE HER AN NTA RIGHT NOW!"

Fans think Giedroyc should get an award for her skills.

Another viewer commented, "Mel Giedroyc churning butter has been the highlight so far," while a third added: "There have been a lot of highlights of this show but I think Mel Giedroyc churning butter behind Hannah Waddingham for no reason whatsoever takes it."

In spite of some people thinking there was 'no reason' for the presenter's incredible little segment, Giedroyc's performance as 'butter churner' was actually a throwback to Poland's Eurovision performance in 2014.

The memorable act saw performers Donatan and Cleo dress up in milkmaid outfits while churning butter, and it's clearly lived rent-free in a lot of people's heads ever since.

Or at least in Giedroyc's.

She later took a break from her churning duties to take over narrating the show as Graham Norton joined the rest of the event's hosts to open the voting lines, but it's clear that she's got a career in the churning industry if she's ever looking to change direction.

Eurovision 2023 is being held in Liverpool as the UK hosts on behalf of last year's winners, Ukraine.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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