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Drake Branded 'Creepy' For Airdropping Woman Photo Of Herself

Drake Branded 'Creepy' For Airdropping Woman Photo Of Herself

People were divided over the move.

Drake has come up with a rather unusual way of trying to get a woman's attention - by airdropping her a photo of herself at a restaurant in St Tropez.

The 'Falling Back' singer took to his Instagram Stories this week, where he admitted to trying to send the photo to the woman in question, who appeared to be sitting on a nearby table.

He wrote: "Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself cause she's a dime," sharing the pic alongside.

Drake has come up with a rather unusual way of trying to get a woman's attention.

Some people found it hilarious, with one person commenting: "Changing my Airdrop to 'everyone' from now on."

While another said: "Gonna keep my airdrop on at all times incase drake wants to call me a dime piece too."

Others totally disagreed, with many thinking the move was 'creepy' and others wondered why Drake didn't simply speak to the woman instead.

One added: "If Drake wasn’t famous, sending a pic airdrop to a women would be considered CREEEEEEP activity."

And another said: "Taking a photo of someone without their knowledge to then air drop to them to flirt is creepy."

Drake has been sharing photos of his hols.

It seems Drake has been enjoying his summer so far, sharing photos from his getaway to Europe on Instagram.

The 35-year-old recently shared a montage of snaps online, along with the caption: "If what you say is true & not false - if I’m such a know it all - how come I never know wtf you want?"

In the pics, Drake can be seen sunbathing, taking a selfie in a reflective glass window and sharing a photo of a very blingy diamond bracelet.

Fans thought Drake might even have been arrested last week, after he shared a photo of what appears to be a document given to him by Swedish authorities.

It seems Drake has been enjoying his summer.

The document, issued by the Swedish police - 'Polisen' - is titled 'Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained'.

It goes on to explain Drake's rights under Swedish law, including the artist's right to know what he's being detained for, and the right to legal counsel.

Despite speculation however, Drake's team have since told The Hollywood Reporter that he was not arrested and was in his hotel.

In other Drake news, it was reported this week that the singer and rapper has collaborated with Beyonce on her upcoming album, Renaissance, for the track, Heated. Other artists listed in the credits include Jay-Z and Pharrell.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ChampagnePapi/Alamy

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