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Dancing On Ice's Christopher Dean ends up in hospital following accident

Dancing On Ice's Christopher Dean ends up in hospital following accident

The skating legend was left in bandages after the accident

Skating legend Christopher Dean was forced to take a trip to the hospital this week after suffering a freak injury.

As a renowned ice dancer and winner of an Olympic gold model, it's safe to say Dean has good balance and coordination.

He's long showed off his skills and talents on the ice, and his knowledge is such that he now assess the performances of others on Dancing on Ice alongside his ice partner Jayne Torvill.

Dean is now a judge on Dancing on Ice.
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However, even the most experienced of us have accidents every now and again, and Dean's impressive coordination unfortunately wasn't enough to save him from a broken finger this week.

The judge took to Twitter this week to share a picture of his pinky finger wrapped up in bandages after a trip to hospital, alongside the caption: "Yes broken."

Keeping in mind the sharp blades involved in ice skating, it's hard not to imagine that a particularly painful and bloody scene unfolded before Dean was wrapped in bandages.

He shared another snap of himself holding out his bandaged hand in the mirror, and joked he and Torvill had been 'trying the Iron Lotus, but ended up doing a Half Nelson' when he got injured.

Dean broke his finger in the unfortunate accident.

The Iron Lotus and the Half Nelson refer to fictional moves in the 2007 movie Blades of Glory, with the former relating to a famously risky move that resulted in one skater being decapitated.

Thankfully Dean's injury wasn't quite that bad, though, and he revealed that it actually didn't come from skating at all.

After joking about trialling some risky ice skating movies, Dean continued: "Or did I just fall over a suitcase in the middle of the night."

We've all been there, Dean - though he obviously came off with more than a badly stubbed toe.

Other skating pros were quick to share their sympathies with Dean, with Robin Johnstone responding: "Oh no ouch!!! Feel better soon xo."

Dean ended up with a bandaged finger as a result.

Yebin Mok added: "Oh no! Feel better soon!"

Dean's injury doesn't look like it will prevent him from appearing on Dancing On Ice this weekend, where he is set to judge contestants including Love Island's Ekin-Su, TOWIE's Joey Essex, Coronation Street actress Mollie Gallagher, The Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran and RuPaul's Drag Race star The Vivienne.

The show is set to return to ITV on Saturday (14 January) at 6.30pm after Regan Gascoigne and his skating partner Karina Manta were crowned winners in last year's series.

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