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Fans Are In Stitches As Chrissy Teigen's Epic Fail Mixing Up British Bridges In Family Snaps

Fans Are In Stitches As Chrissy Teigen's Epic Fail Mixing Up British Bridges In Family Snaps

Easily done, Chrissy.

Have you ever been on holiday in a different country, desperate to find a certain landmark – but ended up in the completely wrong place?

Well, that happened to Chrissy Teigen and her brood this week, after a trip sightseeing in London went awry.

Like many people who visit England’s capital city, Chrissy, 36, wanted to get some family photos among some of London’s historic landmarks.

However, she found herself red-faced when she mixed up two famous bridges in the city.

Chrissy and John took their kids to the wrong bridge (
Instagram - chrissyteigen)

Taking to Instagram, the model wrote: “Asked the driver to take us to the London bridge for a family photo. Quickly realized the London bridge is a very unexciting bridge.

“Tower Bridge should be London bridge! I always thought it was anyhow haha aaah learning is fun.”

Chrissy accompanied the caption with a gorgeous photo of her, singer husband John Legend, 43, and their children: Luna, five, and three-year-old Miles, standing on the wrong bridge.

Almost mocking them, Tower Bridge stands proudly in the background.

Chrissy and her family are in London (
Instagram - chrissyteigen)

Nonetheless, fans loved Chrissy for owning up to her error, taking to the comments to laugh alongside the social media staple.

“Everyday is a school day,” said one follower.

“You get Tower Bridge in the background from London Bridge. So not all is lost!” agreed a second.

“This makes for a better pic anyway,” said a third, and a fourth said: “Everyone makes this mistake!”

Others pointed out that Chrissy is not the first celebrity to have made this simple mix-up.

Chrissy and Luna pose by the London Eye (
Instagram - chrissyteigen)

“It’s ok Fergie got this wrong in her video for London Bridge too,” laughed one person, and a second concurred: “Bless you, Fergie made the same mistake.”

And youngest son Miles got the biggest laugh of the whole photo.

“Miles, as usual, remains unimpressed,” giggled one fan, and another said: “Love Miles’s suspicious look!”

Easily done, Chrissy. Happens to us all, hun.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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