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Charlotte Crosby defended after airing intimate footage of 'miracle' birth

Charlotte Crosby defended after airing intimate footage of 'miracle' birth

"I cried like a baby at this episode!"

Charlotte Crosby has recently caused a stir by sharing raw footage of herself giving birth on television.

The reality star, 32, aired the footage on her BBC show Charlotte in Sunderland, which documented her journey to becoming a mum.

Its final episode, which aired on 1 March, saw Crosby give birth to daughter Alba Jean, who was born in October of last year.

This was a particularly special moment for the former Geordie Shore star, who feared that she would not be able to have children of her own after suffering an ectopic pregnancy in 2016.

Following the airing of the footage, Crosby took to Instagram to reflect on the event.

She wrote: "MY BIRTH. The day we met our Alba Jeanies will remain the most special day of my whole entire life! I think all parents will agree what's a feeling! What an experience.

"I would redo that whole birthing experience every single day over and over and over again, and the fact I got to watch it all on #CharlotteInSunderland yesterday well wow goosebumps absolutely EVERYWHERE.

"I want to say a huge thankyou to of course @emekaokaro who saved my life all them years back and then brought my new life into the world. Throughout our whole pregnancy journey Dr Okaro you made us feel at ease, you have left a lasting in-print in our memories! [sic]"

She also thanked all the nurses and staff who made her step into parenthood 'a perfect one'.

Charlotte reflected on the birth on Instagram after the episode aired.
Instagram / @charlottegshore

However, while Crosby might have been happy to share such an intimate moment with the world, not everyone thought it made for appropriate viewing.

Some viewers said that the reality star's decision to share her 'perfect' birth could have a detrimental effect on other mums who did not have such a positive experience.

One wrote: "I'm glad yours was amazing and lovely but some women have horrendous births, awful midwife's and staff and it's very traumatic that causes issues thereafter both mentally and physically for mum and baby [sic]."

"Also mums there's nothing wrong with you if you didn't feel this way and struggled and didn't bond immediately." added a second.

Some people thought Crosby painted an unrealistic of giving birth.
Instagram / @charlottegshore

While others took umbrage with the fact that the new mum had shared a picture of her hospital wristband on Instagram.

One slammed: "Be careful displaying your personal details - I’m a Doctor and [your] record could be accessed with these details so just be aware x [sic]."

A second agreed, writing: "Pease be careful with putting your hospital number out to the world it’s confidential [sic]."

But she did receive a lot of praise for sharing her journey too.

"I cried like a baby at this episode!" shared one fan. "Balling my eyes out. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!!! congratulations, Charlotte. You deserve all the happiness in the world!"

"Loved the show, not a dry eye watching last night's episodes though," added a second before praising the reality star, her partner, Jake Ankers, and their new addition. "Lovely family."

"A lovely family all of you," wrote a third fan. "Thank you for sharing so much with us all."

Tyla has reached out to a representative for Charlotte Crosby for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @charlottegshore/Instagram

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