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Caroline Flack's mum defends Meghan Markle after Jeremy Clarkson comments

Caroline Flack's mum defends Meghan Markle after Jeremy Clarkson comments

Caroline Flack's mother Christine spoke out after Jeremy Clarkson's comments on Meghan Markle

The mother of Caroline Flack has spoken out about Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on Meghan Markle, saying how ‘upset’ his comments have made her. Here's the trailer for Harry and Meghan's new Netflix docuseries.

Former Top Gear host Clarkson recently made a number of controversial comments about Meghan Markle in a column for The Sun.

He said that he ‘hates’ the 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex ‘on a cellular level’ and spoke about how he wants her to be ‘paraded through the streets naked’ in an attempt to shame her.

Not really something that anyone should be saying about anyone, but then again Clarkson isn’t exactly someone who shies away from making outlandish comments in his newspaper columns.

Jeremy Clarkson slammed Meghan Markle in a column.
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He also wrote about how he ‘dreams of people throwing lumps of excrement at her’ despite the fact that he has never met Markle.

Clarkson made these comments after a Netflix docuseries came out in which Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were critical of the Royal Family, whilst opening up on their own lives.

Both decided to step away from their royal duties and start a new life with their children in the USA, much to the annoyance of some royalists.

Clarkson also reserved criticism for Harry, calling him a ‘glove puppet’ and saying he feels ‘sorry’ for him because he believes him to be being ‘controlled’ by his wife.

Since then, he has apologised and said he is ‘horrified to have caused so much hurt’ after the response to his comments was fierce.

Christine Flack, the mother of former Love Island host Caroline, who took her own life in 2020 at the age of 40, spoke on LBC about the comments made about Markle and her husband.

Caroline Flack and her mother Christine.

Caroline’s 72-year-old mum said that she was ‘upset’ at the remarks, adding: "Someone like [Clarkson] can just say what he wants but it gets printed, that's the worst thing.

"We shouldn't just be able to say awful things."

She also pointed out that Meghan has discussed problems with her own mental health – including experiencing suicidal thoughts – in the past, arguing that the Duchess could be ‘fragile’.

In that Netflix series, Markle’s mother Dorothy Ragland can be seen crying because of her daughter’s mental health tribulations.

Christine also spoke about her daughter’s death, which occurred whilst she was awaiting trial for an alleged assault on her boyfriend Lewis Burton.

Meghan Markle.
Simon Serdar/Alamy Stock Photo

She said: "[Caroline] had the most awful threats over things that were written in the paper." She said that "so much of it was untrue".

Whilst Christine said she’d received some apologies about a few of the stories, she added: "It's all too easy just to apologise."

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, please don’t suffer alone. Call Samaritans for free on their anonymous 24-hour phone line on 116 123

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