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Camila Morrone ‘starting to feel like a woman’ six months after breaking up with Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone ‘starting to feel like a woman’ six months after breaking up with Leonardo DiCaprio

The model is now preparing to star in a mini-series

Model and actor Camila Morrone described how she's starting to 'feel like a woman' as she opened up about life six months after her split from Leonardo DiCaprio.

It would probably have been very hard to miss news of DiCaprio and Morrone's split in August 2022, with much of the internet keen to point out that it came just a few weeks after Morrone celebrated her 25th birthday.

Viral jokes suggesting DiCaprio won't date anyone over the age of 25 made their breakup a big talking point, but while Morrone's relationship with the Titanic star may not have thrived after hitting the quarter of a century milestone, her relationship with herself certainly did.

Morrone turned 25 in June 2022.

Morrone is now set to appear in a mini-series titled Daisy Jones & The Six, and she looked back on the last few months as she opened up in an interview with The Cut to mark its release.

Having grown up with divorced parents, the model moved around a lot as a child and spent time in all corners of Los Angeles before settling in Beverly Hills.

She admitted she was 'never able to have a base anywhere or a solid, consistent group of friends', adding: "Growing up, I had a little bit of jealousy toward the kids that had known each other since pre-K.”

Now in her mid-20s, though, Morrone has come into her own.

She explained: “I’ve never learned so much as being 25 years old. I am just starting to feel like a woman. But I also feel little in a lot of senses.”

Preparing to appear in Daisy Jones & The Six, Morrone explained how she has been able to draw on her life experiences to bring to life her character of Camila, who is the wife of the Six's front man, Billy Dunne.

Morrone said has 'learned so much' at 25.

Despite her efforts to make a name for herself as a photographer, Camila is often overshadowed by her more-famous husband.

Commenting on how she brought the character to life, Camila said: “With any character that I play, I try to bring what I know from my real life.

"That’s the main thing that I learned in acting class, how to tap into moments in your life that were impactful. So I don’t think it’s any different for Camilla, I just tapped into what I knew. I do see her as incredibly independent, despite Billy being a rock star.”

Daisy Jones & The Six is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: @camilamorrone/Instagram / MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

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