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Blue Ivy Is The Spitting Image Of Beyoncé In New Photos

Blue Ivy Is The Spitting Image Of Beyoncé In New Photos

The 'Single Ladies' hitmaker’s eldest child was pictured with Jay-Z

Beyoncé fans went wild on social media on Monday (13 June) after they were left blown away by daughter Blue Ivy’s striking resemblance to her while attending the NBA final.

The 'Single Ladies' hitmaker’s eldest child was pictured with Jay-Z as they watched the Golden State Warriors defeat the Boston Celtics 3-2 at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Although many were commenting on the game on Twitter, the likeness between Blue and Beyoncé triggered a mass reaction from fans as the youngster sat alongside her dad for a rare public outing.

Fans were left stunned by how alike Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy are.

After referencing one of her looks from 2007, one fan penned: "Beyoncé really copy and pasted her looks on her."

"Blue Ivy is Beyoncé personified," another insisted. "Is Blue Ivy Beyoncé’s Daughter or her twin. That girl look JUST like her mama."

A fourth added: "Blue Ivy stole Beyoncé’s entire face!"

"Blue Ivy looking almost as grown as Beyoncé, time really flies," a fan lamented.

Although many were blown away by her likeness to her famous mother, others could see similarities between the teen and her rapper father, 52.

"Blue Ivy is her father’s twin, the twins are also," a fan wrote. "Beyoncé sprinkled a little DNA and said her job was finished."

Another shared: "Genetics at work between Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Blue Ivy is a replica of both with equal share."

While many were distracted by Blue Ivy’s appearance, Jay-Z, one of the world's best-selling music artists, was doing the most to embarrass his daughter.

In an adorable clip, the 'Otis' rapper was every inch the doting dad as he wrapped his arm around Blue and pulled her towards him for a kiss on the cheek.

Blue attended the NBA finals with her dad Jay Z.

However, the preteen was left ever so slightly cringing as she appeared to say, "dad, my hair", as she pulled away from him and laughed.

The adorable moment left viewers laughing at home as they quipped the youngster was the only one who could 'humble' her superstar parents.

One wrote: "If it’s one thing Blue is gonna do, it’s humble her parents," while another commented: “Legendary honestly.”

"She has keep her clients in check," another joked.

Ah celebrities, they’re just like us.

Featured Image Credit: NBA/Alamy

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