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Fans Shocked As Beyonce Shares Rare Photos Of Children

Fans Shocked As Beyonce Shares Rare Photos Of Children

Is that you, Rumi?!

Since Beyoncé broke the internet with that picture of her pregnant with the twins, fans haven't seen that many pics of Beyonce and Jay-Z's children.

But that looks set to change, with both Rumi and Blue Ivy appearing in the campaign video for the Ivy Park X Adidas collection drop - and fans are going wild.

Watch the campaign video below:

Beyoncé's done it again with the visuals, let's be real.

And there was some expert modelling from Blue Ivy, nine, and Rumi, four, which was a shock to fans of the Lemonade singer (warning: a lot of caps lock coming your way).

One person commented on the Instagram video of the campaign launch: "OMG RUMI GREW UP. I CANNNT".

Somebody else declared: "BLUE AND RUMI TAKING OVER YUPPPP".

"LOOK AT HOW BIG RUMI IS NOW!!! 😍😍😍", cooed yet another admirer.

Blue and Rumi came to serve in the latest campaign video (
Ivy Park/Adidas)

The campaign video got one fan excited for when Blue is old enough to manage her own social media account: "CANNOT WAIT UNTIL BLUE GETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, THE INTERNET WILL BE OVER 🔥😩🙌🏿".

Another commenter was also mind-blown to see Beyoncé as a mama in the vid: "OMG MAMA BEY 🤯🤯🤯❤❤❤❤❤".

While others were distracted by how Blue has shot up: "BABY BLUE ISN'T A BABY ANYMORE 😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺".

And one Instagram user noted how similar the three of them looked together: "It’s B, Rumi and Blue looking like triplets for me❤️‍🔥".

Fans were shocked to see the kids appear in the clip (
Ivy Park/Adidas)

The singer has enlisted the help of Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir to launch the range in a new rodeo-themed campaign video.

The Carter clan make a rare appearance in the 36 second clip and fans can't get over how cute they are.

Watch the rodeo-themed campaign video below:

In one scene you can spot Beyoncé with Rumi and Sir in matching blue loungewear.

And another scene shows a close-up shot of Sir in a blue cowboy hat as he is held by his mum looking on proudly.

Later on you can spot Beyoncé and Blue Ivy wearing matching lilac hoodies and cow print trousers as they skip together holding hands.

And Blue Ivy looks almost as tall as her famous mum.

We have a feeling the Carter children will become fashionistas when they're older.

Featured Image Credit: Ivy Park/Adidas

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