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Billie Faiers mum-shamed as she shares photos of daughter on business class flight

Billie Faiers mum-shamed as she shares photos of daughter on business class flight

She's whisked her family off to Dubai, but not everyone was impressed

Billie Faiers has divided opinion online after sharing photos of her daughter on her first holiday – complete with swanky business class flights, a detail that has left some with ‘green eyes’.

Faiers, 33, whisked her family off to Dubai with sister Sam, 32, and their mum Suzie, saying she was holidaying with her ‘favourite girls in the world’.

The trip was a first for newborn baby Margot, who was joined by siblings eight-year-old Nelly and five-year-old Arthur.

“Margot’s first holiday,” Faiers wrote on Instagram, adding: “Our happy little lady.”

The TOWIE star took her family to Dubai.

The post was accompanied by snaps of the kids flying to Dubai in business class with Emirates, with spacious seating for the family to relax in as they travelled in style.

While some fans wished Faiers and her family the ‘best holiday’, others weren’t so impressed by the set-up, suggesting she had things much easier not having to fly economy.

“Try doing it in economy with 3 kids!!” one person wrote, with another agreeing: “I’m sure any flight is good when you’re flying business class.”

Someone else said: “All very easy when you’re 1st class with beds.”

A fourth added: “No cost of living crisis for them!”

The post was met with some criticism from Instagrammers.

Some even criticised Faiers for travelling abroad with a newborn, with one saying with an eye roll emoji: “Must be mad doing it this early.”

However, many others leapt to the TOWIE star’s defence, saying the mum-shamers were just jealous.

“Green eyes is not a good vibe, economy with 3 is no fun but why the negative comment to someone that has worked to get what she’s got and can afford it!” one said.

Another wrote: “What’s your problem, they can travel however they choose, it’s their money their choice and btw I’ve travelled in economy with 4 kids from baby, toddler and twins and never had a problem with plane journeys perhaps you should wait until yours are teenagers if you can’t cope.”

She was also joined by sister Sam.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem to have put too much of a dampener on things, as Faiers – who has been married to Greg Shepherd since 2019 – later posted to say she was having the ‘most wonderful day’.

Hashtags she added indicated that the trip was also a ‘PR stay’.

Featured Image Credit: @billieshepherdofficia/Instagram

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