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Beyoncé trying to do a British accent leaves fans in tears

Beyoncé trying to do a British accent leaves fans in tears

The hilarious clip shows Bey trying - and failing - to do an English accent

Look, you really won’t hear a bad word from me about Beyoncé. She is an icon, a goddess and a bloody incredible singer.

Seemingly blessed with the Midas touch, Beyoncé can turn her hand to singing, acting, dancing, songwriting, but it turns out there’s one thing she can’t do: an English accent. Check it out:

That is quite something, isn’t it?

In the clip, interviewer Reggie Yates asks Bey which of the two premier league teams she prefers: Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs.

But it seems the accent throws her as she pulls a confused face and repeats: “Arsenar?” sending Reggie into hysterics.

After explaining to her that he’s referring to a football team, Reggie accuses Beyoncé of ‘turning her nose up’ at his beloved team, which she denies and says she’s simply trying to make sure he’s not playing some sort of a joke on her.

Beyoncé can't quite crack the English accent.
Kristina Kokhanova / Alamy Stock Photo

At one point she even tells him that she initially thought he had swore at her. As if he would dare.

Reassured that the question isn’t a prank and simply requires a straightforward answer, Beyoncé then attempts to repeat the question back to him - in his accent.

It’s fair to say it doesn’t go well, and Beyoncé has to be corrected a few times after pronouncing Arsenal as Arsenam. Easy mistake to make when you’re not a football fan, I guess.

Does anyone else find it oddly reassuring to find that she isn’t brilliant at absolutely everything?

The clip, which has recently resurfaced, was posted on TikTok, where her somewhat dodgy attempt at speaking like a Londoner has left users in stitches.

Responding to the video, one person wrote: “This why my girl ain’t do interviews no more lmao.”

Even Bey couldn’t help but laugh at her attempt.

Another said: “This was a great interview at the time there was so much chemistry and he spoke to her like old friends.”

Someone else replied: “This is one of my favourite interviews of hers fr [for real].”

While a fourth joked: “If that's how's Beyoncé says it then that's how it's pronounced.” I agree, pal.

You may be pleased to know, that since the interview took place, Beyoncé has learnt how to pronounce the word ‘arsenal’ - fans will be aware that she actually uses it twice in her song 'Plastic off the Sofa', where she sings: “I'll always be your secret weapon in your arsenal, your arsenal.”

So are you trying to tell us that it’s Arsenal over Tottenham then, Bey?

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/Instagram/beyonce

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