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Beyoncé brings out daughter Blue Ivy for surprise tour performance

Beyoncé brings out daughter Blue Ivy for surprise tour performance

Like mother, like daughter.

Beyoncé surprised fans at her Paris show by bringing out a very special guest: her daughter Blue Ivy.

With videos from Beyoncé's Renaissance tour going viral every other day, fans coming to see her at Stade de France new to expect a mind-blowing performance.

But they definitely weren't ready for 11-year-old Blue Ivy's moves when she took to the stage.

Blue Ivy joined Beyoncé on stage in Paris.

The stadium ruptured into screams and cheers when the eldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z appeared from behind her mum, wearing a sparkly silver outfit to match her.

Blue took to the stage while Bey sang 'My Power' from her 2019 Lion King companion soundtrack, The Gift - specifically while Beyoncé sang the lyrics: "This my bloodline on the front line."

Surrounded by Bey's back-up dancers, Blue confidently placed herself front and centre and danced along.

She then stayed out for her mum's next song 'Black Parade' before heading off again and letting Queen B take the attention back.

The surprise appearance went down a treat with fans, who couldn't get over how great a performer little Blue was.

Like mother, like daughter, I suppose!

Blue clearly takes after her mum!

Blown away by Blue's performance, one fan tweeted: "Nerves of steel for this young lady. The sheer amount of courage it takes to be on stage with her mom and in front of huge audiences... she did amazing."

Another raved: "Damn I feel like a proud mom just watching this."

While others couldn't believe how much Blue had grown up.

"I thought she just gave birth to this girl yesterday? How is she already this biggg??" commented one viewer.

And a second admitted: "I was looking for little toddler Blue Ivy at first. Damn I'm old."

They grow up so fast!

Blue's grandmother and Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson took to Instagram after the performance to let everyone know just how proud she was of her.

Sharing a video of the performance, she wrote: "Last night I saw my beautiful grandbaby (11) dance in front of almost 70 thousand people! She killed it and was as cool as a cucumber! Blue Ivy Carter. No Fear."

This isn't the first time Blue has joined her mum on stage, though.

Her grandmother, Tina Knowles, took to Instagram to say how proud she was of Blue Ivy.

Back in January, Blue joined Beyoncé at her exclusive Dubai performance in the Atlantis The Royal Resort.

Blue came out while her mum sang 'Brown Skin Girl' - a track that actually features Blue singing and landed her her first Grammy at nine years old - and danced alongside her.

It looks like she's going to take after her mother!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @LouisPisano

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