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Fans praise Austin Butler's gracious reaction to Oscars Best Actor loss

Fans praise Austin Butler's gracious reaction to Oscars Best Actor loss

Brendan won Best Actor at this year's Oscars.

So, after months of build-up and excitement, Austin Butler won't be taking home the Oscar for Best Actor this year, after losing to Brendan Fraser.

But fans who tuned in to the Academy Awards on Sunday night (12 March) are just as proud of the actor as ever, after watching his sweet reaction to Brendan's win.

Austin and Brendan are just a few of the star-studded actors who had become buddies over the course of the Oscars season, while regularly beating each other for the title of Best Actor.

While Austin may have won it at the Golden Globes, Brendan took home the title at the SAG Awards, but then Austin was back in the lead after last month's BAFTAs.

But it the race came to an end tonight, when Brendan was ultimately named Best Actor for his performance in The Whale.

Most eyes were on Brendan when Harrison Ford announced the winner, but many fans were glued to Austin Butler, to see how he would react to his loss.

Unsurprisingly, Austin leapt up from his seat to cheer his friend on, all while wearing a huge grin on his face.

It was just the sweetest - and fans fell even more in love with the Elvis actor.

"I feel so honoured to be a fan of the man who was the first to stand for another man’s triumph. He’s a winner in my book," raved one viewer watching from home.

Brendan Fraser won Best Actor in the end.

"Genuinely looks excited for him," a second pointed out. "I feel like if you’re going to lose, that’s the man to lose to."

A third noted: "I love how Austin Buttler is the first to stand up to applaud Brendan... Well deserved Brendan."

Other, less emotional viewers have been joking that, now Austin has lost the Best Actor Oscar, he might go back to talking like himself again.

You see, people have noticed that ever since Elvis was released, Butler has been speaking like the King of Rock and Roll - and he genuinely doesn't seem able to shake it off.

Of course, Austin has won his fair share of awards for the stellar performance, but now that there are no more major awards to win, people can't help but wonder if he'll return to his normal voice.

"Austin Butler talked in that accent for so long just to lose the Oscar," pointed out one viewer.

"Tomorrow morning Austin Butler's going to talk completely normal," predicted another.

People predict that Austin's voice will go back to normal after his Oscars loss.
Warner Bros

Overall, Elvis had been nominated for a whopping eight awards tonight, including Best Picture, Best Costume Design, and Best Cinematography, but it didn't place for a single category.

Meanwhile, The Whale didn't just take home an Oscar for Best Actor, but also for Best Make Up and Hairstyling.

In the end, though, it was Everything Everywhere All At Once who took home the most wins of the night, including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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