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Vanessa Hudgens reacts to ex Austin Butler’s Elvis accent being ‘genuine’

Vanessa Hudgens reacts to ex Austin Butler’s Elvis accent being ‘genuine’

Austin Butler's Elvis accent might never go away and Vanessa Hudgens has reacted

Vanessa Hudgens has seen the funny side to Austin Butler possibly being stuck sounding like Elvis Presley forever.

Butler's recent performance in biopic movie Elvis has been quite the success, with the actor picking up some major awards and being beaten out by fierce competition for other gongs.

People have noticed that he's still got the accent he adopted to play Elvis and hasn't managed to shake it off yet, and it's perhaps possible that he never will.

There's plenty to be said for giving a performance the King himself would have approved of, but at some point, you've got to wonder when his voice is going to go back to normal, and if it ever will.

Whether Butler wants to get his old voice back and eventually ditch the Elvis twang from his accent remains to be seen, but someone is finding the whole thing very funny.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler were together for 8 years before splitting in 2020.
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Butler's vocal coach recently explained why the actor still sounds like Elvis long after wrapping up production on the movie, and revealed he might never lose it.

Professor Irene Bartlett worked as a vocal coach on Elvis and helped Butler find his voice for the iconic role as the King of Rock n' Roll.

She explained that it's 'really difficult' to properly do the voice without it sounding like an impersonation and after years of working to get his voice just right, she reckons he's still in 'Elvis mode'.

It turns out it's quite 'difficult to switch off something you've spent so much focus time on', and with Butler working on the voice over the Covid lockdown, he's been mimicking Elvis' accent for years now.

Describing Butler's accent in his awards acceptance speech at the Golden Globes where he picked up the 'Best Actor' gong as 'genuine' and 'not put on', Professor Bartlett said she doesn't know how long it will be before he loses the accent and it's possible that Elvis twang is 'going to be there forever'.

Vanessa Hudgens found it pretty funny that Austin Butler's voice might never change back.

One person who found the idea of Austin Butler having his voice stuck like Elvis forever funny was his ex Vanessa Hudgens, who responded to reports of Butler's accent getting stuck by simply saying 'crying'.

Butler was recently slammed as 'disrespectful' recently for referring to Hudgens as his 'friend' after having been in a relationship with her for years.

Hudgens also has to share some of the credit for potentially getting Butler's voice stuck like Elvis Presley for the rest of his life, as he credits her for being a driving force behind him accepting the role.

She confirmed the story, saying she told him he 'had to play Elvis' when he started singing along to one of his songs in the car after dying his hair dark.

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