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Adele signed wedding dress of couple who just got married while singing at concert

Adele signed wedding dress of couple who just got married while singing at concert

Adele's residency in Las Vegas keeps throwing up surprises, as this newly-married couple found out

A newly married couple got a souvenir to treasure after Adele stopped during her concert to sign the bride’s wedding dress. You can check out the touching moment below:

Adele, who is still in Las Vegas playing a residency called ‘Weekends with Adele’ at Caesars Palace until later this month, was in the middle of her song ‘When We Were Young’ but decided to stop to pay some attention to the couple.

The couple were clearly delighted just to be there to see Adele, but became absolutely hysterical when she stopped and asked them if they’d just got married, seeming just as excited as they were.

When she learned that they had recently been wed – they were still in their wedding clothes, after all – she managed to get her hands on a pen and invited the bride to splay out some of her dress so that it could be signed.

There’s a priceless memory right there.

Adele stopped by to make the couple's day.

By the way, Adele kept singing pretty much note-perfect the whole time.

Since the video was shared it has been viewed millions of times, with loads of people commenting about how they wish Adele would turn up at their wedding.

One person wrote: “Me when I get married.”

Another said: "This woman is just fabulous beyond words.”

A third said: “Can we talk about how she calmly bent over and signed while she kept singing? Urgh.”

While it might have been an emotional time for the bride and groom at the concert, it’s been a wild ride for Adele too, with the singer recently getting quite teary when discussing her decision to postpone the residency last year.

Speaking to the audience, she said: “I have been waiting for so long to get to this weekend and I didn't even realise it.

“What I haven't been able to get out of my head since the beginning of the show was that it took so long, and I was like, 'When am I ever going to say I've done my residency?'

“And this weekend, if not for the added shows, I would have completed my residency.”

The couple got a special souvenir from the star.

She added: “Even though I have got four more weekends left after this, I have been waiting for so long to get to this weekend.

“When I cancelled the original dates it was terrifying to do.

“But better late than never, and the shows have been a success.”

Adele’s cancellation came at short notice last year, with many crew members suffering with Covid-19 and the singer herself admitting that the show wasn’t ready, but that she didn’t want to give a ‘half-arsed’ show.

It doesn’t seem as if anyone is accusing her of that, that’s for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@eakoris

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