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People Baffled By Woman's Technique To Take Off False Nails

People Baffled By Woman's Technique To Take Off False Nails

That has to hurt!

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her bizarre, and rather unsettling, technique for removing acrylic nails. We wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

Watch the video here:

Nail technician Anna Kazakova (@trash.nailsss) both horrified and intrigued TikTok viewers when they stumbled across her video of her removing her fake nails in a rather violent manner.

Laying her hand on the table, Anna revealed the extreme length she had let her glamorous black acrylics get to before she shortened them in seconds.

Talking through her wild technique, Anna said: “If you think about it, it looks rather strange, but for me this is something rather ordinary. When it’s time to change old nails to new ones, this way of shortening them seems to me the most optimal.”

Nail tech Anna has a rather bizarre nail removal technique. (

While Anna's natural nails do - thankfully - seem to remain in tact after she knocks off her acrylics, this is one TikTok beauty trick we wouldn't recommend testing out for yourself!

But if you are in the market for some less painful beauty techniques to try then we've got you covered. Just recently we told you about a genius life hack that will keep your perfume lasting longer and all you need is a tin of Vaseline!

A number of TikTok creators have been trying out the trick for themselves and viewers can't stop raving about it.

After watching one woman's video that racked up a whopping 3.9 million plays, users flooded to comments section to confirm that this trick was definitely one to add to your beauty regime.

One commented, "She's making a solid perfume, instead of buying a new one. Great idea."

"Good for traveling, also makes the scent last longer! Good idea girl, will be doing it," another wrote.

A third also jumped on board with the trend commenting, "Awesome idea! I’m going to use my perfume samples for this!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok @trash.nailsss

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