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Woman Urges Others Not To Wax Their Legs At Home After 'Traumatising' Fail

Daisy Phillipson

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Woman Urges Others Not To Wax Their Legs At Home After 'Traumatising' Fail

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@leo.itx

A woman has urged people not to wax their legs at home after suffering a ‘traumatising’ fail. 

Now, we should point out that her warning is about sugaring specifically, which is similar to traditional waxing except it uses only natural ingredients, often consisting of sugar, lemon and water. 

These ingredients are combined to create a sticky paste, and just one ball can be used numerous times to rip hair out from the desired area. 

It’s often described as less painful than regular waxing – although if you want to try the method out yourself, it’s best to see a professional or you might end up in the same boat as this poor woman:


The clip was uploaded by TikTok user @leo.itx, who wrote: “This is your sign to not sugar wax at home if you don’t know what you are doing.”

She added in the caption that it ‘left her legs traumatised’, and as you’ll see in the footage, her pins look completely battered and bruised from the home treatment. 


The TikToker’s video has received more than 225,000 views, as well as dozens of comments from the online community, with many expressing their concerns.

In response to one asking if she’s okay, @leo.itx said: “It doesn’t hurt or anything, it’s just aesthetically unpleasant lmao I applied aloe vera tho.”

Another wrote: “It looks like you were pulling wrong. Happened to me too the first time, but not THAT bad.”

Don't try this at home. Credit: TikTok/@leo.itx
Don't try this at home. Credit: TikTok/@leo.itx

“As a professional this hurts me,” added a third.

Others shared their own sugar waxing fails, including this person who said: “Girl same, my arms were bruised after it and I had to go on vacation the next morning.”

When the student asked how long it took to heal, they replied ‘a few days’.

Many people also offered their advice, with one saying to stay out of the sun as her legs heal and another suggesting to put ice on it. 

A couple of days later, @leo.itx stitched her original video with an update, and thankfully it looks like she’s on the mend. 

“They looking a little bit better already,” she wrote, promising to keep duetting the clip until they’re back to their former glory. 

Thankfully her legs are on the mend. Credit: TikTok/@leo.itx
Thankfully her legs are on the mend. Credit: TikTok/@leo.itx

No doubt the TikToker has learned her lesson and hopefully her story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of trying out sugaring at home. 

Sure, there are benefits to be had from this hair removal method – but as said, it’s always best to go to a professional. 

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Daisy Phillipson
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