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Woman divides opinion after asking if she should tell friend she's had too much Botox

Woman divides opinion after asking if she should tell friend she's had too much Botox

Would you tell your friend?

A woman has sparked a debate after she asked people whether she should tell her friend she thinks they've had too much Botox.

Body modification is nothing new, but when you see one of your best mates has had a little work done, it can come as a bit of a shock.

You've known them for years and one day they turn up looking very different - and perhaps not always for the better.

Well, rather than steaming in and ruining her pal's days, one woman decided to canvas some opinions on the best way to approach the topic.

Taking to Mumsnet, the unnamed woman said: "Just for a bit of context, we are part of a group of friends from Uni. She was a mature student and is 8/9 years older than the rest of us.

The woman says she's not sure whether to tell her friend that she's had too much Botox.
Stuart Jenner/Alamy

"She is attractive with a great figure and hair and over the past few years, has really started making an effort with how she looks and she looks better now than she did 10 years ago.

"But recently she’s been doing more and more and has that frozen look, no expression. She’s just booked yet another appointment.

"She’s a very good friend, the kind where we always promise to tell the other if they have spinach in their teeth or snot on their nose. I would want her to tell me if our positions were reversed."

As you can imagine, plenty of people had an opinion to share.

"I wouldn't," offered one. "The thing is, she's looking in the mirror and deciding she looks good and opting herself for more Botox.

"So obviously happy with what she sees. Totally different to spinach in teeth to me, etc."

Should she tell her friend?
Combine Harvester/Alamy

Another commented: "Some people like the frozen look, they specifically ask for it. It’s not really any of your concern just because you don’t like it, it’s an aesthetic she likes so leave her be."

"I wouldn't," put a third. "She might love how she looks and there's no coming back from the offence it could cause."

Some, however, felt that the friend should step in.

But they said she would have to approach it pretty delicately.

"I would, tactfully, just because I’d want to be told," one person wrote. "I’d say something like, 'It still looks like it’s active, you could probably get away with leaving it for a bit'. It’s seems unlikely she’s deliberately going for the frozen look."

While another added: "If she asked for your opinion I'd tell her."

The original poster has since given an update and said: "Thank you all, I won’t say anything. You’re right, it is totally subjective and I guess I might be the only one who thinks it."

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