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John Lewis Criticised For Offering Botox In Stores

John Lewis Criticised For Offering Botox In Stores

The high street store will now offer Botox treatments.

Major UK department store John Lewis has been subject to some criticism after announcing plans to offer Botox injections in-store.

Both Botox and dermal fillers will be made available to customers in six different John Lewis stores starting from just £50 in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand for anti-ageing procedures.

The service will be provided in association with Cavendish Clinic, first launching in London, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Southhampton, Kingston, and Cambridge stores before expanding later this year.

Botox injections will soon be available from John Lewis stores. (

Botox involves Botulinum toxin being injected into the face to relax face muscles, which removes lines and wrinkles from the skin. The treatment can also have benefits for people who live medical conditions like cerebral palsy, bladder dysfunction and spasticity.

The procedure is not permanent, meaning that those looking to keep wrinkles at bay will have to return for further treatment every three to four months.

Customers interested in undergoing the treatment must be over 25 and will be asked to sit through a consultation first.

To get Botox in a small area, such as a dimple, customers will pay just £50, while larger areas on the face could cost up to £195.

Shoppers will also be able to avail of other treatments like laser hair removal, facials, and other aesthetic treatments.

Following news of the new high street service, expert aesthetic trainer and mentor Dr Amiee Vyas spoke to Phil and Holly on ITV's This Morning about what customers could expect.

Dr Amiee Vyas spoke to This Morning about the Botox procedure. (
This Morning/Instagram)

As well as detailing how to care for yourself after getting Botox, and what to look out for when choosing a practitioner, Dr Amiee did a live demonstration of the procedure on the show, which left Holly feeling a little bit 'wobbly'.

After explaining that she had already done a consultation with her volunteer Fleur, Dr Amiee revealed that it would take 'between two and 14 days for the injection to kick in'.

Asked how she felt after the procedure, Fleur told cameras: "I find the dentist worse than that."

After watching the segment on Tuesday morning's show, viewers were less than impressed, and took to Twitter to discuss the news.

This Morning viewers were less than impressed with the new addition to John Lewis stores. (

One disappointed viewer tweeted: "For me the issue is not that John Lewis is offering Botox but, rather, the fact that this adds further weight to the incorrect idea that ageing is a cosmetic problem to be managed. So much so, you can sort this while you buy your bedding."

A second wrote: "Normalising Botox by saying it’s no different than having a dental check up every 6 months. Ridiculous and irresponsible TV again from #thismorning."

And a third asked: "Every 3 to 6 months! Is this really becoming mainstream? #Botox at @JohnLewisRetail #ThisMorning".

"How depressing. What the hell is happening to @JohnLewisRetail⁩?" asked a fourth.

Commenting on their collaboration with John Lewis to provide Botox and other aesthetic procedures, Dr Matt James, plastic surgeon and co-founder of the Cavendish Clinic told Tyla: “Overall, the collaboration between John Lewis and the Cavendish Clinic has been received positively - because we are adhering to the gold standards of best clinical practice, putting patient care and a medical-led approach at the heart of these services. 

"John Lewis are offering a service that is already available in other high street stores (Superdrug, Flannels, Harvey Nichols, Harrods) and in response to an existing demand from their customers. The anti-wrinkle treatments provided at John Lewis are strictly for those aged 25 and over, there is a thorough physical and psychological consultation with a qualified medical doctor before any treatments are carried out and a one-week cooling off period for all new injectable patients, to allow them to consider their options properly.

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