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Woman Uses Filter To Become 'Different Person' To Highlight How Fake Social Media Is

Woman Uses Filter To Become 'Different Person' To Highlight How Fake Social Media Is

This is sort of terrifying.

A woman has left TikTok users in disbelief after showing them how deceptive social media can be and how easy it is to change your appearance through filters and photo editing apps.

TikToker Katharina (@katharinadrw) shared a compilation of pics and selfies to demonstrate how drastically she was able to alter how she looked using a few simple tools, as a reminder that "social media is fake".

Watch here:

By the looks of the side-by-side images Katharina includes in her video, she was seamlessly able to edit the size of her lips, nose and eyes, cover up blemishes, add more colour to her skin, and change her hair colour.

Using the notorious FaceApp, Katharina was able to mould and sculpt her entire face and body shape to suit the unrealistic beauty standards that are so often projected to women on the internet and across the media.

Shocked by the video, users took to Katharina's comment section to discuss her unbelievable transformation.

"That's a whole different person," wrote one concerned person.

"Yes but the effect/filter seems so natural I'm scared," replied a second.

Another baffled viewer wondered why anyone would alter their image so much. "Why? I will never understand sorry," they commented.

One woman shocked the internet when she demonstrated how easily people can alter their appearances.

Katharina's video went viral on TikTok, and now boasts an impressive 3.5 million views and more than 610,000 likes.

Some people were grateful for Katharina's warning, and thanked her for reminding them that not everything is as it seems on the internet.

"Thanks for the reminder honey!" commented one viewer.

"Biggest reality check for me - thank you for reminding," penned a second.

"It’s crazy how social media brainwashes us to believe everyone except us is flawless and corresponds 100% to beauty standards," pointed out a third.

While altering your appearance in photos and posting them online is definitely not a healthy way to use photo editing apps and tools, we recently told you about one particularly genius use for them.

Katharina was able to totally change her look using a face editing app.

When it launched earlier this year, the Google Pixel 6 phone began advertising a tool that allows you to remove unwanted objects (and people) from your pictures altogether.

Titled the ‘Magic Eraser’, the tool removes the selected item and fills the blank space with details and colour that matches the photo’s background, and people have been using it to cut ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends out of their pics ever since.

That's technique we can really get behind!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katharinadrw

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