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Woman films hilarious reaction to her getting her vagina pierced

Woman films hilarious reaction to her getting her vagina pierced

The TikTok user shared her experience for all to see

If you're ready to curl your toes and feel shivers down your spine then TikToker Geri has got you covered, because she took to the platform to share footage of herself getting her vagina pierced. Take a look if you dare:

I personally only have two lots of piercings, both in my earlobes, and that's enough for me. But I do have a lot of respect for people who are willing to put themselves through some serious pain for some added accessories - even if the idea of actually getting it done does make my stomach churn a bit.

For me, it's the thought of a piercing in a particularly sensitive place getting caught on some clothing, or worse, the shower loofah, and getting pulled out. No thanks.

But such thoughts evidently weren't enough to stop Geri, who invited her TikTok followers along with her on a trip to get her vagina pierced.

In the clip, Geri explained that she'd only ever had her nose pierced, but that she and her friend decided to go to a 'late night piercing shop' when they were faced with 'nothing else to do on a Saturday night'. I'd argue that's what Netflix is for, but each to their own.

The TikToker appeared relatively calm for someone about to have a needle shoved into their body, but ended up using her jacket to cover her eyes as the person with the piercing gun got to work.

TikTokers were very impressed with the way Geri handled the ordeal.

She was advised to 'focus on breathing' and asked if she could do 'six deep breaths' before the deed was done. I'd have used those deep breaths as an opportunity to run away, but I suppose you don't want to make any sudden movements when you're faced with a piercing gun between your legs.

Geri could be seen biting her hand and closing her eyes as the person with the piercing tool did their work, and in a voiceover recorded later she recalled how her 'meow meow went ow ow'

"As you can see I wasn't really enjoying the experience," she admitted. She recalled 'reflecting on the decisions that led [her] up to this moment' and wishing she was sitting at a bar rather than 'having a bar shoved inside places a lady never really believes she'd have a bar shoved through'.

Though the experience itself sounded just about as pleasant as you'd imagine, Geri was praised by TikTokers for sharing her experience, with many expressing their surprise that she managed to get through the ordeal without screaming or crying.

Featured Image Credit: @goodnightgeri/TikTok

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